Top 10 Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Are you looking for a great way to transform your fine hair into bouncy and luscious tresses? If yes, then you need a secret hair weapon that is used by beauty gurus and celebrities. We are talking about the best hair dryer for fine hair here. One will be amazed to see how a simple hairdryer has the capability to transform your hair. Hairstyling hot tools like dryers will not only dry up your wet hair, but its functionalities will help in blocking the moisture and give your excellent hair texture.

Top 10 Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair of 2021

With the recommendation and assistance of professional hairdressers and beauty salon owners, we had an insight into the best hair dryer for fine hair available in the market in 2021.   For people with fine hair, here is a list of top 10 best hairdryers in 2021 that you can use without compromising your hair quality or hair health. Each of them has improved technology incorporated in it along with fast drying technology that will help you to achieve desirable results. Let’s see what the dryer for fine hair has in store for you.

1 – BaBylissPro Nano Hair Dryer With Titanium

If you are looking for a reliable, robust, everyday use hair dryer, then you can go with BaBylissPro Nano hairdryer with titanium.  It provides the perfect amalgamation of stylish design, power, and speed. The hairdryer operates on 2000 watt and the ergonomic lightweight handling will make it easy for you to dry up your hair. You can easily monitor the styling option depending on your requirements.

Six-speed and heat settings are there along with the concentrator nozzle and cool shot button. As it is incorporated with Nano Titanium Technology so it will dry up your hair quickly. The ionic hair dryer will help in preserving the hair quality and will work effectively.

Key Features

  • Nano Titanium Technology will help in drying out the hair quickly.
  • It operates on 2000 watt power.
  • The hairdryer is ionic, which will prevent your hair from frizz. 
  • 6-heat and speed settings
  • You can easily remove the stand or filter.


  • Dries hair quickly compared to the best hair dryer for thin hair on the market
  • Increase the speed or heat according to your needs.
  • It does not cause frizziness.
  • Well built quality
  • Ergonomic design


  • The nozzle tends to fall off.

2 – Remington Hair Dryer With Ionic And Ceramic Tourmaline Technology

Remington hair dryer has a funky look, and it has been designed to reduce frizziness. It can dry up your hair quickly. Irrespective of the texture of the hair, it will take good care of it with the right amount of heat. If you want to go for a dryer which combines the effect of tourmaline, ionic and ceramic technology, then go for this one. You can style your hair fast.

The dryer operates on 1875 watt. There are two-speed monitoring settings and three heat monitoring settings, and you can also control the airflow. Remington hair dryer looks gorgeous and has a cool shot button. You can easily switch to the cool shot button when your hair is 80% dry.  One can style different types of hair with high precision by using the diffuser attachment and concentrator. The diffuser will help in injecting life back into your hair.

Key Features

  • Remington hair dryer comes with damage protection as it offers advanced coating technology along with the micro conditioners.
  • You can adjust the airflow and the right amount of heat depending on the hair type.
  • Clean the hairdryer easily by removing the air filters.
  • The concentrator will help you to get the right hairstyle.
  • The diffuser helps to get flowing waves and curls.


  • Tourmaline, ceramic, and ionic technology-infused hairdryer.
  • Two-speed settings and three heat settings
  • Hang loop
  • Removable filters
  • Micro conditioners


  • Faulty plug and cord might initiate sparks.

3 – Remington Pearl Ceramic Technology-Infused Hairdryer

Remington pearl ceramic technology-infused hairdryer uses 1875 watt power to dry up the hair evenly and quickly. It uses ceramic technology; hence it is sturdy and perfect for daily use. The product has been designed for people with fine or thin hair. Once you start using the hairdryer you can see that you are hair health is maintained and becomes bouncy after drying up. It will dry up the hair with a lustrous finish as it comes with a 40% faster airflow. The heat will activate the technology used, which pearl ceramic in nature.

Pearl infused ceramic barrel, along with micro conditioners, will help you to achieve desirable results.  AC motor of professional quality will assist in delivering high-quality sales n performance. You can use the concentrator to get the perfect straight hairstyle and use a diffuser to create flowing waves and curls.

Two-speed settings and three heat settings will help you to get the perfect hairstyle. When your hair is 80% dry, you can switch to the cool shot button.

Key Features

  • Ceramic pearl technology will help you to achieve a smooth finish.
  • The combination of ionic conditioning, along with pearl ceramic technology, will help in achieving smooth and healthy results.
  • The motor is potent and fast, with 40% enhanced airflow.
  • It will help you to style your hair because it comes with other styling tools as well.
  • Remington hair dryer has a warranty of 4 years. The cutting edge technology will help you to get salon experience at home.


  • 4-years warranty
  • Comes with diffuser and concentrator
  • Ionic conditioning
  • Two-speed settings and three heat settings
  • 40% increased airflow
  • Pearl Ceramic Technology
  • Cool shot button


  • It gives out a burning smell while using.

4 – Xtava Hair Dryer With Volumizer And Concentrator Nozzle

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The Xtava hair dryer is loaded with a lot of functionalities that will help a user to get professional styling. It will help in treating the hair properly and is the best weapon when it comes to styling the hair quickly. One will be amazed to see the results. There are two fans with different speed settings so you can switch between the low and high heat while drying the hair.

If your hair is damaged, then you can use the low heat. To lock the moisture back in your hair, you can switch to the cold shot button. This hair dryer is unique in every possible way, and it is going to give back your hair its life. Beautiful curls can be achieved by using the diffuser along with the concentrator nozzle for a voluminous and smooth blowout.

Depending on the hair type, you can customize the heat settings. The small frame of the hair dryer will not put a strain on the arms during the blow-dry. Only the best hair dryer for thin hair come with these handy functions, so make sure you go through all models before picking one.

Key Features

  • The dryer utilizes 1875 watts of power. You can maximize the hairstyling range and use the cool shot button. This will reduce freeze and boost shine.
  • One will get two wind and two heat settings that will help them to get the styling freedom
  • The diffuser will help to get beautiful curls.
  • The cool shot button will set hairstyle, reduce frizz, and maximum shine.


  • Concentrator nozzle for styling
  • 2-wind settings
  • 2-heat settings
  • Frizz control and smooth hair
  • Cool shot button to beautiful curls


  • Monitor the heat settings; otherwise, it will make the hair brittle and dry.

5 – Paul Mitchell Hair Dryer

Paul Mitchell hair dryer helps in effectively and quickly drying and styling the hair by using the advanced technology of neuro drying. Neuro dry helps in ensuring high performance and will dry up the hair quickly without damaging the hair shine. It can effectively reduce the frizz. This AC motor operates with 1875 watt of power and has 4-settings for heat monitoring.

One can use the cool shot button to get gorgeous curls and for locking the moisture in your hair. The hair dryer with cutting edge technology delivers a salon-style experience.nOne can monitor the airflow direction by using the concentrator nozzle.

Key Features

  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Collapsible silicone diffuser
  • Neuro dry technology
  • 4-heat settings


  • Style and dry the hair effectively and quickly with neuro drying technology.
  • Salon like results reduces frizz.
  • Operates with 1875 watt power
  • 4-heat settings
  • Cool shot buttons
  • Control the airflow direction with the concentrator nozzle


  • The dryer is very heavy in weight.

6 – Parlux Eco-Friendly Hair Dryer

Parlux has used recyclable material to make the product eco-friendly and ozone friendly. The built-in silencer will dry up your hair without creating a lot of noise. One can switch between 4-temperature and 2-speed settings and get desirable results.

This sophisticated hair dryer and its negative ion maintain the hair integrity, shine, and moisture are locked. The lightweight design makes it easy for people to use it. Two concentrator nozzles help in adjusting the airflow. One can switch to the lower settings to get voluminous waves.

Key Features

  • Product is made up of recyclable material
  • 4-temperature and 2-speed settings
  • Ozone friendly
  • The built-in silencer will reduce the sound produced while drying
  • Ceramic and ionic hair dryer
  • Negative ions maintain the softness and shine of the hair


  • Switch between two speed and four temperature settings.
  • Maintains the integrity of the hair
  • It is ozone friendly.
  • Quickly dries up the hair without producing noise.
  • Professional and eco-friendly hair dryer
  • Lightweight
  • Cool shot button
  • Two concentrator


  • Fails to dry up the hair fast

7 – RUSK Professional Hair Dryer

By utilizing cutting edge technology, RUSK hair dryer has impressed every hair styler with its functionality. It has been designed for different hair textures and comes with customizable settings. The lightweight design will ensure a comfortable and effortless drying experience. 2000 watt is required for operating the tourmaline and ceramic hair dryer.

RUSK professional hair dryer has been engineered to deliver superior air pressure and airflow. Infrared heat is emitted by the tourmaline and ceramic dryer, which reduces the drying time and minimizes freeze and static. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use. Negative ions will take care of the hair vitality.

Key Features

  • Requires 2000 watt power to operate
  • Infused with ceramic and tourmaline technology
  • Powerful air pressure and airflow


  • Hair vitality and texture are maintained by the negative ions emitted from the dryer.
  • Dries up hair quickly
  • Ergonomic design and lightweight
  • Tourmaline and ceramic technology
  • Powerful Italian motor is used


  • Might not work optimally on the low settings.

8 – Elchim Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

Elchim hair dryer is made up of high-quality material and the ionic ceramic dryer will amaze you with its performance which combines design, speed, and power. One can use the hair dryer effectively on any hair, particularly fine hair, and achieve great results.

In the fashion capital of the world, that is Milan; this powerful ionic ceramic hair dryer is manufactured. It has a powerful AC motor in it. The ergonomic design of the product makes it easy to use and is also lightweight Dry your hair evenly and quietly by eliminating the drying time by at least 30%.

You can switch between three temperatures and two-speed settings to get desired results. The ionic ceramic technology will help in preserving hair integrity and will reduce the drying time. To achieve a particular hairstyle, you can easily switch to a cold air shot.

Key Features

  • 3-temperature and 2-airspeed
  • Cold air shot to set the hair
  • Resistant nylon is used in the housing
  • Ceramic Technology is used for preserving the integrity of the hair and minimize the drying time.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Ideal for delicate and thin hair
  • Reduces frizz
  • AC motor


  • Helps in drying the hair quickly
  • Even and quiet drying
  • 3-temperature and 2-air speeds are there to achieve the optimum settings
  • Salon-style
  • Locks the moisture in the hair
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design
  • Infrared technology maintains the hair shine and integrity


  • The dryer stops working after a few months.

9 – John Frieda Hairdryer With Frizz Ease

John Frieda hair dryer has been designed for people suffering from hair frizz problems. This hair dryer has advanced ionic technology that will ease the frizz. DC motor makes this a powerful hair dryer with a lightweight. One can switch to the cold shot button anytime. 1875-watts power is used for operating it.

The hairdryer is accompanied by two concentrators and diffusers that will help you to style your hair. Switch between three different heat settings and two-speed settings to get desirable results. On the outlet grill, you will find a coating of ceramic titanium, which enhances the functionality of the dryer.

By utilizing the cutting edge technology, this hair dryer has achieved a considerable fan base and is the perfect choice for the celebrity hairstylist as well. The hair will dry up quickly, and you can control the heat, which will protect your hair from the damaged cuticle.

The cool shot button will help you to lock the style with a smooth finish so that your hair looks frizz-free, healthy, and soft.

Key Features

  • Advanced ionic technology will help in achieving frizz-free hair after drying.
  • The diffuser will enhance the volume and curl of your hair, and there are concentrators as well for hair styling.
  • Adjust the two speed and three heat settings for desirable results. 
  • For even distribution of heat, titanium ceramic coated grill is used.
  • The AC motor is lightweight so that you can maneuver it easily.


  • Two concentrators
  • Diffuser
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful hairdryer
  • Rocker switches
  • Cold shot button
  • The grill is coated with ceramic-titanium


  • Built quality is not good.

10 – Conair Ceramic Ionic Hairdryer

Conair ceramic ionic hair dryer is available in two color variants. Whenever you are using it, it will guarantee you a stylish result. DC motor with high torque contributes to its effectiveness and enhances airflow. Tourmaline ceramic technology is used to gently and quickly dry the hair by using infrared heat. This will, in turn, help in minimizing the damage caused by heat and will make the hair more manageable and less frizzy.

Ionic conditioning technology will reduce the frizz up to 75% and help you to achieve a healthy and shiny hair. One can easily clean the hair dryer by removing the hinged filter. There are two-speed monitoring and three heat monitoring options.

One can also control the airflow and heat to enhance the curls, waves, and other hairstyles. After the hair dries up to 80%, you can switch to the cool shot button. The dryer is accompanied by a diffuser and concentrator. Achieving any style will become easy when you have this hairdryer.

Key Features

  • Conair hair dryer utilizes 1875 watt power.
  • One can switch between two speeds and three heat settings.
  • Clean and maintain the hair dryer with a hinged filter. The anti-slipping grip will help you to style your hair comfortably.
  • The concentrator will help in smoothing your style, and the diffuser will help you to achieve textured styles.
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology emits infrared heat for gentle and quick drying.


  • Powerful DC motor with high torque
  • 2-speed control
  • 3-heat control
  • Cool shot button
  • Hinged filter
  • Diffuser and concentrator for hair styling
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology with ionic conditioning
  • Conair will dry up your hair quickly with less frizz.


  • The cool air button fails to work.

Buying Guide On Best Hair Dryer For Fine Hair 

Hairdryers will help you to dry up your hair and keep it clean easily. People who have thick hair always face trouble when it comes to drying their hair.

Every hair type can avail of the benefits from the hair dryer, which has protective qualities. If your hair is fine, then there is a high chance that it will get damaged or frizz due to heat. You can switch to a hair dryer that will do the job with less heat. The best part of hairdryers nowadays is they come with customizable settings. In the past few decades, one can see humongous development in the industry of hair styling tools like hair straightener or hairdryers and thus creating hairdryers with advanced technology.

Cutting edge technology-infused hair dryer can break down the water molecule by utilizing negative ions. Even the ceramic component is used in the hair dryer that can emit infrared light and dry the hair quickly and evenly. It is effortless to clean the hairdryers which have filters in it and increase the overall lifespan. So without any delay, let’s learn about every detail about the hair dryer.

Hairdryers will help in decreasing the drying time, and most of them also come with cold air technology so it will not snatch away the moisture from your hair. Blow drying will help the process of grooming easy because it will de-frizz your hair and help in creating beautiful curls. It will restrict the growth of scalp bacteria and keep the hair clean. One can use a hair dryer to bring a bounce and curls to their hair without using a second tool.

Types Of Hair Dryers

The structure of hair in every person is unique, and hence each of them requires different styling methods depending on the hair type. In the market, you will find different varieties of hair dryer having an approach of treating various kinds of hair-like thin hair, curly hair, frizzy hair, fine hair, etc.

Based on various working methods and heating styles, one can classify the hair dryers in four categories listed below.

Ionic Hair Dryers

Ionic hair dryers discharge millions of ions that are negatively charged for breaking the water molecules, which are positively charged. The negative ions will not open the shaft of your hair thus leaving your hair silky and smooth. Most of the people opt for ionic hair dryer because it helps you to dry up your hair even at a low temperature quickly.

Titanium Hair Dryer

A titanium hair dryer will manage to dry up your hair rapidly at a steady temperature. In comparison to a ceramic hair dryer, this one will have 40% less weight, and hence it is used by the professionals for quick styling. The hair dryer will give you a silky hair texture and make your hair smooth and control the frizz after every hair drying session.

Porcelain Or Ceramic Hair Dryer

The plastic or the metal heating elements and internal parts of the hair dryer are coated with porcelain or ceramic for making this dryer. It will ensure that the heat will be less harsh and have a consistent temperature. Negatively charged ions will be emitted and will evaporate the water quickly without leaving any frizz in your hair.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline hair dryer produces infrared heat along with negative ions to make the heat much gentle on the hair. In this way, you won’t be damaging your hair while drying up. Your hair can face an increased level of temperature without suffering any damage. The ions will help in evaporating the water faster and help you to get your job done within a few minutes.

Factors to consider before purchasing a hair dryer

Hairstyling requires a lot of effort and time. In a tedious and fast life, it becomes tough to take out so much of the time. To make the styling process quick, you need advanced tools.

While purchasing a hair dryer, you need to focus on useful features that will help you to yield all the benefits of a hair dryer.

Hair type

While purchasing a hair dryer, always consider your hair type. The hair dryer also has a suitability factor for different hair types. Some hair dryers are suitable for soft and thin hair, while some are designed for frizzy and dense hair. It is imperative to know the hair type before purchasing the hair dryer.

Dryer type

As mentioned earlier, there are four basic types of hair dryers, each designed for specific hair. Ceramic dryers are well suited for dry and thin hair. If you have curly or thick hair, then opt for the best hair dryer for curly hair like tourmaline or ionic dryer. People who have voluminous and dense hair can switch to titanium hair dryers.


The power of the hair dryer must be more than 1500 watts. People with curly and thick hair should go for a power range of 1800 to 1900 watt. If you switch to a low power hair dryer, then it will take a lot of time, and if you go for the high power dryer then it will damage the hair by snatching the moisture.


Along with a hair dryer, you will get different accessories with a specific use. For people with dense hair, always pick a hair dryer that comes with a diffuser. The diffuser helps in evenly distributing the heat. For straight and smooth hair, look for a hair dryer with a concentrator nozzle that will help you to focus on each hair section.

Heat and speed settings

Most of the hair dryers will come with precise heat and speed settings. Three-speed settings are fast-drying, styling, and regular drying. 4-heat settings are general drying, constant cold, consistent drying, and fast styling and drying. To get smooth and flawless hair, always go for dryers that come with more settings.

Quality and weight

Do not go for a hair dryer that has a heavyweight. A lightweight dryer will be easy to use. Opt for a decent brand to get extended-time assistance.

Cool shot button

The cool shot button is an excellent addition to hair dryers. Heat can damage your hair and open the hair cuticle so you can use a cool shot button and dry your hair after 80% of it is already dry. It will help in sealing the cuticle and protect the hair from drying. People facing a frizz problem should look at this functionality in their hair dryers.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Using A Hairdryer

A simple hair drying by using a wrong approach can damage your hair to a great extent. Hence it is vital to keep essential points in mind. The subtle things that you might find unimported while drying your hair can be a contributing factor in your hair damage. Let’s see how to blow dry your hair correctly. 

  • It is crucial to switch to the cold mode after 80% of your hair is dry. While using heat, the hair cuticles will open, and the cold air will help in sealing them and lock the moisture before evaporation.
  • Always dry your hair starting from the roots towards the end. That is the direction in which your hair is growing. If you perform the reverse action, then the hair cuticle will open and cause hair frizziness and tangles. When executed correctly, your hair will have a natural shine.
  • Do not keep the hair dryer close to your hair while drying because it will make the hair brittle and burn your skin. Always maintain a distance of 12 inches when you are blow-drying the hair.
  • When your hair is getting exposed to heat, it is vital to use thermal protection. There are several shampoos and conditioner which are infused with Thermo protector properties. Avoid the products that are alcohol-based as they promote hair drying.
  • Create 4-5 zones to blow-dry the hair faster. It will be more productive and will not expose a particular hair section to heat for a long time.
  • Use diffuser because it helps in even distribution of heat, which will help in reducing frizzy hair and split ends. You can begin with nozzles at low speed and then shift to a diffuser.

Myths About Hair Dryers

Surprisingly several hair dryer myths are restraining people from using hair dryers. Hairdryers are very functional, and hence it is important to bust these common myths about it.

After going through the common myths related to hair dryers, one will be able to purchase them without any second thoughts.

Blow drying makes your hair go through heat torture

This is partially correct because if you are misusing the hairdryer. When you keep the settings at high temperature and exposing your hair to it for a long time then it does cause hair damage. If you know how to customize the settings, then hair dryers will keep your scalp and hair healthy.

All hair dryers are the same

No, it’s not. Different type of hair dryer is manufactured by keeping different hair textures in mind. You will have to understand which hair dryer is destined for your hair. Moreover, the hair dryers that come with more advanced technology will de-frizz your hair and protect it from damage. Whereas if you are purchasing a hair dryer without prior research, then it might worsen your hair condition.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What type of hair dryer is best for fine hair?

If you have fine hair, then you can go for the hair dryers mentioned above. You can go for the hair dryers with tourmaline technology, which will use the negative ions for gently heating the hair without causing frizz. It locks the moisture and shines in your hair.
You can also purchase the hair dryers with ionic, tourmaline, and ceramic technology that will help you to achieve shinier and smoother hair. Ceramic models will help fine hair to get an extra bounce.

What should I look for in a hair dryer for fine hair?

Go for ceramic hair dryers if you have fine hair. Ceramic hair dryers can regulate the temperature optimally, which will make the hair more tolerant of the heat produced. With the traditional hair dryers, you can see an even distribution of heat, which causes over-drying in some sections and leaves other hair strands damp, which promotes frizziness. For even air drying, go for ceramic hair dryers.

Is ionic or ceramic hair dryer better?

By comparing the technology used in ceramic and ionic hair dryers, one can conclude that ceramic hair dryers are way better in comparison to the ionic hair dryer. Ionic hair dryers will create an electromagnetic field and emit negative ions. Sometimes this electromagnetic field can cause a dangerous effect if used for a long time.
Ceramic hair dryer utilizes infrared heat, and it won’t dehydrate the hair. Even distribution of heat will dry your hair entirely without causing any damage. The ionic technology will break the water molecules and help in water evaporation.

Is a higher watt hair dryer better?

One should get a hair dryer with the required power wattage. If you go for the low power hair dryer, then it will take a long dry time, and with high power, your fine hair will get damaged. Try to pick the average power range of 1302-1875 if you have fine hair.

Difference between expensive and cheap hair dryers?

Yes, one will always find differences in quality and functionality between expensive and cheap hair dryer. It is essential to compare the features before purchasing one. Most of the costly hair dryers will be incorporated with advanced technology that will be gentle on your hair and protecting it from damage.


Now you will know the benefits that one can get by incorporating a hair dryer in their life. The best hair dryer for fine hair might look like just an ordinary hair drying tool, but it can do wonders for your hair if you pick the right one. There are numerous benefits to hair dryers. If you are someone who is suffering from dandruff or fungus infection, then it will be beneficial because it stops the growth of harmful bacteria in the scalp or head area.

Look for hair dryers that will lock the moisture and will not damage the hair like Dyson’s supersonic hair dryer. A poor choice of a hair dryer can make your hair brittle and more susceptible to damage and hair fall. It is imperative to consider the factors mentioned above and look into the functionalities that each of the products, as discussed above, has to make the right choice and get the best hair dryer for thin hair for you.