Top 10 Best Drugstore Setting Powder: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

There are so many things that a person who has oily skin needs to worry about. The considerations start with the fact that you need to have friend products like oily skin foundations and followed by all the skin products should be oil-free. While these are makeup points, there are also daily things like excess oil and shininess that people need to worry about. Something that can help with all these problems is the best drugstore setting powder.

Top 10 Best Drugstore Setting Powder

Dermatologist & skin care experts often advised us with their brilliant recommendations, tips, and tricks helping out your skin. Today we are here with their help presenting top 10 best drugstore setting powder for all skin types. This way you can choose the best setting powder will be according to your requirement.

1 – Dermablend Face Setting Loose Powder

The semi-transparent loose powder is effortless to use. Amazingly can set your makeup without melting away for 16 hours of duration. Smudge free and motion resistant in nature. Being weightless, the powder can give you a translucent makeup look. Easy to blend and smooth texture of the beauty powder can give you a matte complexion.

It is safe for everyone as dermatologists have claimed and tested it. While applying the face powder, you never have to be worried about clog pores. This formula can produce an extensive skin coverage of you have rosacea, pigmentation disorders, etc. This is why is is one of the best setting powders out there.

Naturally, applying this non-acnegenic powder under your concealer or foundation. You can wait for 2-3 mins then with the help of a brush; you can remove it. There you go all ready with a gorgeous long staying makeup. Based on your skin tone, the manufacturers have discovered three beautiful shades: Original translucent Powder, Cool Beige, and Warm Saffron loose Powder.

Key Features   

  • Easy to use
  • Blends well
  • Stays for a long time till 16 hours
  • Smooth in texture
  • Smudge free and motion resistant
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Non-allergenic
  • No clogging pores
  • Safe
  • Dermatologists tested and claimed
  • Amazing skin coverage


  • Enhances your make up and results in a flawless young look
  • Helps to cover all the skin blemishes so well
  • Once you apply the translucent powder in humid areas or climate, you won’t have to worry about the makeup falling or any residue. It never makes you look messy.


  • According to a few users, the cost of the powder is prohibitive than possessing the drugstore quality.
  • Not much effective on very fair skin.
  • Some consumers have not liked it because the setting powder could not give coverage to their wrinkles properly.

2 – Saccha Buttercup Loose Translucent Powder

The finely grinded particles of the powder have been designed to produce a matte effect on your skin. It helps to reduce the large skin pores without any clogging pores. Smooth textured of the face powder ranging from medium to dark skin tones results in an airbrushed flawless look. So when you take a selfie next time, you will be mesmerized to see a bright glowing makeup, especially in the lighted areas. The fantastic oil soaking quality of the translucent powder can absorb the excess oil off your face. Various beauty bloggers have used the beauty product and are satisfied with the results. You can also apply it under your eye and contour your face.

Key Features

  • Skin matte effect produce
  • Minimize large pores
  • No clogging
  • Glowing make up
  • Absorbs the excess oil
  • Ranges to medium to dark skin tone
  • Translucent in nature
  • Contours highlight and can be used for baking makeup


  • No ashy residue is formed after applying the powder
  • Helps to provide great coverage
  • Easy to blend and bake


  • Few skin types have experienced breakouts after using it
  • Some consumers have opined clogging pores were noticeable.

3 – Black Opal True Soft Color Velvet Finish Powder

One of the softest matte finish translucent powder for all skin types. It can give you fantastic skin coverage, concealing the large deep pores. Hypoallergenic in nature and it consists of various shades which can go with your skin tone. If you have any skin pigmentation issue, it can be quickly resolved by applying a small amount of this powder. Easy to blend with any foundation of your choice to get a flawless makeup instantly. The medium shade smooth powder can be easily used as a highlighter and for baking purpose under your make up. The excess oil of your skin gets effectively absorbed by this powder.

Key Features

  • Produces a matte effect
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Hypoallergenic in nature
  • Smooth
  • Various shades available
  • Flawless airbrushed make up
  • Use it for baking, contouring nicely.


  • Easy to blend with the make up
  • Soft and smooth texture
  • A natural glow can be achieved
  • You can also conceal your dark circles


  • Few consumers have experienced plumped up skin after first time usage. Later it was ok.
  • Some users were not convinced with the shade as it had a bit orangish tint.

4 – L’Oreal Paris Glowing Infallible Pro Pressed Powder

To get a long span of glowing effect on your skin you can opt for L’Oreal pressed powder. The manufacturers have formulated the solution with a built-in highlighting impact, so you don’t have to spend extra money on new highlighters. Soft, smooth skin with a fantastic matte effect can be derived from this beauty product. Easy to use without any messy residue on your skin, the fine particles get soaked quickly in your skin pores. You can rock the look of any party by using the pro wear long span pressed powder. The natural and creamy texture is suitable for all skin types.

Key Features   

  • Longtime makeup wear
  • Can be used as a highlighter
  • Soft, smooth skin
  • Easy to use
  • Nicely blends with the skin
  • No clogging pore
  • Natural
  • One of the best setting powder for dry skin
  • Creamy texture
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • No messed up residue


  • A subtle translucent powder which is very beneficial for oily or dry skin
  • It can give you an enhanced glow and shiny look
  • A little brilliant effect works best as a highlighter
  • A high amount of coverage is received


  • Few customers have complained regarding not to the mark quality; it has resulted in an overall sparkly look which was not preferred by a few individuals

5 – Maybelline New York Loose Fit Me Foundation Finished Powder

The product manufacturers have contrived the pressed powder with high mineral based ingredients. It helps to maintain the smooth and soft texture of your skin with a magnificent glow. A small tint of color is formed by applying it on your base makeup. For a perfect matte finish with shine, you can opt for this powder. Any skin discoloration can be well concealed after applying it. In case you have dark circles or you want to use for baking your makeup, it is an excellent beauty product to go for. Ideal for all skin types, it is safe.

Key Features

  • High minerals present
  • The soft texture of the skin
  • Discoloration, under eye and baking use
  • Natural shine with a matte effect
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Safe
  • Tint of color
  • Excellent makeup base


  • You can get an airbrushed flawless makeup without any greasy residue
  • Brilliant quality for a high end makes up look
  • Easy to blend with the skin and produces a long-lasting glow.
  • You can stay matte all day


  • It might not be suitable for mature aged skin types. Some consumers have opined that their wrinkles got visible after using it.
  • The cakey residue was also an issue in a few skin types after applying the powder.

6 – Flower Beauty Matte Miracle Finish Translucent Powder

The ultimate makeup powder to finish your matte look. You can apply to your T-zone and on the areas where you think a blur effect is required. It helps to conceal the flaws of your skin without clogging the large skin pores. The super silky formula can result in a soft glowing effect on your skin. Presence of the mineral powders in it can soak the extra oil from your skin. Fine lines or wrinkles can be successfully concealed or blurred by applying it.

Key Features

  • A beautiful makeup base
  • Reduces large pores
  • Lessens the visibility of anti-aging symptoms
  • Gets absorbed quickly
  • No clogging pores
  • Mineral powders exist
  • Softens the skin texture


  • An elegant lightweight powder which can result in an airbrushed flawless look
  • Easy to blend with the skin to get a natural glow


  • Few users have found the quality is not as much as it hyped.
  • Moreover, there was a messy, heavy residue felt after makeup
  • A bit expensive product as compared to the similar items available

7 – E.L.F High-End Translucent Flawless Loose Powder

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It has been designed to give a considerable amount of soft texture to your skin. Improves the skin texture by concealing the flaws of the skin like pores or marks. The loose powder works wonderfully to lessen the anti-aging lines and wrinkles. A radiant young look can be achieved instantly if you use it for baking your make up.

 Wondrous coverage with no cakey or messed up residue on your skin can be formed. You can use your foundation with or without the lightweight powder. To get better effects on your skin, apply it with a brush on your makeup every day. Another unique feature of this pressed powder is its best blending capability with your skin. Hence you can contour or highlight your cheekbones or collar areas firmly with it.

Key Features

  • Skin texture improves
  • A substantial amount of concealing factor
  • Helps to reduce anti-aging lines and wrinkles
  • Brilliant coverage
  • Lightweight
  • No residue formation
  • Easy to blend and use
  • Can be used as a highlighter
  • Great makeup base
  • An everyday usable product


  • Smooth translucent powder great for makeup without any cakey formation on it
  • Beneficial for baking purpose under your make up
  • You can get a soft, flawless skin
  • A small quantity of this powder can bring miraculous change on your skin tone and look


  • According to a few users, it is suggested that the powder is not that amazing for darker tones
  • The relatively high-end setting powder which might hamper your budget

8 – Rimmel Matte Stay Pressed Loose Powder

A beautiful matte setting loose powder specially designed to give you a natural shine for a long duration. It helps to minimize the large skin pores and other flaws of your skin effectively. You can apply it and stay carefree for about 6 hours without thinking about your make up. Smooth in texture and easily gets absorbed by the skin pores without forming any greasy residue.

 The perfect matte finish with a long shine can be derived. Dermatologists have tested and claimed it as safe to use the product for all skin tones. If you are suffering from uneven skin tone, try it to fix your problem instantly.

Key Features

  • Natural
  • Shiny and soft skin
  • Great makeup base
  • Considerable coverage
  • Skin texture improves
  • Stays till 6 hours long
  • NO thick or greasy residue formed
  • Dermatologists tested
  • Safe
  • Ideal for all skin types


  • Helps to add a decent color on your skin according to your tone and the right amount of skin coverage
  • Easy to blend and can be used for contouring your cheekbones or collar bones
  • Though it is suitable for all skin types, especially it does wonder in oily skin tones without drying out easily
  • Affordable price


  • Few customers have opined that the pressed powder does not appropriately justify the matte effect. To remove the residue, they had to use a brush again on their makeup. It has formed small particles on their skin, which was visible.
  • For light skin type, the powder was not as effective as expected.

9 – Covergirl Loose Powder Professional Finish

The translucent face powder has been designed for your base to make up and can control the excess oil production of your skin. To get a natural refreshed look you can opt for this product. Either you can apply foundation or use it alone to get a flawless skin tone.

 The anti-aging lines and wrinkles can be concealed easily with it. The smooth texture of the loose powder can soak the excess oil or sweat off your skin and never result in blocking any skin pore. You can use it on any occasion for an extended period. Usually available in a light tone. It is suitable for all skin types. According to the dermatologists, it has been tested and safe without carrying any non-acnegenic properties.

Key Features

  • Excellent base make up
  • Natural shiny look
  • Smooth skin texture can be received
  • Blurs down the anti-aging lines
  • Non-acnegenic
  • Dermatologists tested
  • Suitable and safe for all skin types
  • Light tone
  • Great coverage


  • A high end finishing loose powder which can give you a salon type look
  • You can use a minimal amount for the beautiful matte effect
  • Incredible consistency is easy to blend
  • Light in weight so never results in messed up residue on your make up


  • A shimmery effect is there, but it is not as good as a bronzer as opined by few users
  • Wearing off from the makeup after some time of usage was another disadvantage of this pressed powder

10 – N.Y. C Color New York Loose Smooth Face Powder

It is designed to achieve a smooth textured flawless skin. This best setting powder for dry skin can get easily blended with the skin tone and will never result in dryness. Presence of enriched minerals in the solution can absorb the oil and sweat from your skin effectively. It still produces a natural shine on your skin without blocking the skin pores. You can get a velvety textured makeup look after applying it under makeup.

 Fine lines and wrinkles can be blurred well. If you have any dark spots or maybe you want to highlight your make up, surely you can go for this powder without thinking twice. For better effects, use it regularly. Dermatologists have tested and claimed it as a safe product for everyone.

 Weightless smart quality of the loose powder can never result in any thick residue under your makeup. You can use it with or without makeup. To apply under your make up, try using a delicate brush on your forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, and upper neck.

Key Features

  • Smooth airbrushed skin
  • Blends well with any skin tone
  • Soaks in the excess oil and sweat of your face
  • Natural shine can be derived
  • Coverage quality is fantastic
  • Blurs all the spots
  • Lessens the fine lines and wrinkles
  • No thick or messy residue formed
  • Never results in clogging pores
  • Can be used with or without makeup
  • Dermatologists tested
  • Safe to use


  • To get better airbrushed flawless skin, you can pair it with foundation
  • An instant natural glow can be got
  • Excellent for pale skin users
  • A beautiful no mark make up base can be created with this product, and that is possible because of the exceptional blending quality of the product
  • Lines and creases under the eye can be rectified well
  • An affordable makeup product


  • According to a few users, the shade is light in comparison with the skin tone. So choosing the correct shade can be a trouble.
  • For some oily skin, it has resulted in breakouts and pimples

Innumerous varieties of setting powder are available online. Before investing for the best drugstore setting powder, it is always advised to check the reviews of all products. You may spend after comparisons of the products and get the best one for yourself.

Best drugstore setting powder buying guide

By using a setting powder, you can efficiently deal with the constant oiliness that you might experience otherwise, applying a setting powder over the makeup helps to set your makeup in its place and also help it last longer. The powder, while generally used by people with oily skin, is helpful for all skin types. With advancements, face powders have become equipped with a lot more features than they were capable of. With the information below we try to help you with choosing the best setting powder for you.

Factors To Consider Before You Buy The Best Drugstore Setting Powder

As mentioned, there have been so many advancements for setting powders that you would be confused if you decide to purchase the best drugstore setting powder. Worry not, there is a solution to everything, and we bring you the answer to finding your perfect powder. Below are a few of the factors that can help you to get precisely what you need:

Skin Type

First and foremost priority for you while purchasing a drugstore setting powder would be to consider your skin type. What kind of skin you have would help you identify the exact setting powder you should be using for yourself. While there are setting powders that suit all skin types as well, targeted product use would benefit you more. For example, if you have dry skin, you’d typically choose a pressed powder, and oily skin would command a loose setting powder.

Skin Issues

Never neglect your skin issues, make this your mantra. All the skin issues should be considered while buying any skin product. For example, if you have large pores, you’d want to use concealing face powder, and if you have acne-prone skin, then you would need a product that fits with foundations for acne and acts as a mask on it.


Always check what you feed your skin. Read the label, understand the products, and check if the elements will suit your skin or not. The necessary ingredients of a face powder are talc and cornstarch. Some companies might add a couple of factors for pigmentation or likely things. Try and choose a product that has less harmful ingredients so that you don’t have any side effects.


Many brands are making the drugstore best setting powder, and you will need to make a wise choice. While there are so many options, it depends on your purpose to choose that perfect brand. Always check the reviews before you buy the product to know more about it. Coty airspun has high consumer satisfaction as it is a legacy brand. You could also opt for a translucent powder by Laura mercieras they are proven to be light.


Budget is a high priority for most people, and it is more often than not one of the prime considerations. Solely cost should not be considered, you must analyze whether the product is worth what it is being charged. Are you getting what you are paying for? The cost should be in line with the benefit that the product promises.

Skin Tone

A best drugstore setting powder can be chosen by matching the shade with your skin tone. Test the cosmetics and find the one that blends with your skin perfectly. You would want to check for a product that offers multiple shades for a deeper skin tone so that you can test all shades and use the one as per the occasion. We might not need the same setting powder at all times.


Identify the purpose of the purchase. If you don’t know the target, you might end up buying a product that you will never really use. The product need changes drastically if you are a makeup artist purchasing the setting powder than when you are purchasing a setting powder for your self. Do you need to use it daily or are you buying it to set your occasional makeup? The answer will direct you towards different types of drugstore setting powder.


While this is rare but there are some powders which come with sunscreen in them, and they can help to protect your skin against the damage from the sun. If not with sunscreen, the best drugstore setting powder should be able to mask your sunscreen and help you to retain it throughout your day. It is a significant factor to consider if you use the setting powder frequently on your skin.


While there are face powders that have a dewy and moisturizing effect on your skin, your usual drugstore setting powder should be able to retain the moisturizer and keep your skin moisturized through a significant part of the day. You must consider this factor gravely if you have comparatively dry skin.

Fits With Your Makeup

Your drugstore best setting powder should be in line with your makeup products. The setting powder helps to even out the makeup and make it look uniform, which is possible only when it is in line with your makeup products. Otherwise, it might just end up looking cakey or flaky, which should not be the product’s fault but only a poor mix choice.

Benefits of the best drugstore setting powder

Why do you need to use the drugstore setting powder? More importantly, do you even need the drugstore setting powder at all? It can be answered when you know what a best drugstore setting powder does for you. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of setting powder in a gist so that you can decide for yourself:

Excess Oil Removal

Much contrary to the name, face powder is also used to remove and keep the excess oil from your skin at the bay. People with oily skin often find their skin greasy and shiny; it is because of the excess oil. Using a setting powder helps to absorb that excess oil, and it does not appear on the skin over and over to give you an oily look.

No Extra Shininess

Excess oil can make you look shiny even when you want a matte look. Drugstore setting powder can help you get that matte finish look you love. If you have already used a matte foundation, then drugstore setting powder will help the makeup to stay matte by masking it and protecting it from becoming cakey due to the oil from the skin.

Even Appearance

One of the most known and common uses of a drugstore setting powder is how they even out our presence. They will help to make our skin appear even by concealing the fine lines and dark spots. It evens out all the makeup that has been applied and helps to blend it with the skin properly your skin looks uniform, and you will feel more confident.

Keeps Makeup Intact

Women have used the setting powder over time for keeping the makeup in place. If you apply makeup, there are chances that it will be worn off in some time and that’s where you need to do a touch-up. However, by using the best drugstore setting powder, you can set your makeup and be free of the hassle to redo the makeup.

Protection Against Sun

A good setting powder protects your make up against the sun. There are setting powders that come with sunscreen to protect the skin from sun damage, and the setting powder also masks the makeup and sunscreen against the sun. Using the setting powder over your sunscreen helps the sunscreen to stay for a more extended period which is essential as your skin needs sunscreen all the time.

Less Environmental Stress

There are innumerable environmental factors which affect your skin in more ways than one. Harmful pollutants, dust, and impurities can all impact your skin and makeup. Using a drugstore setting powder will act as a protection against these external factors and help the skin to stay masked for a longer time than usual.

Helps Moisturizer Stay

Just like your makeup, the setting powder will also keep your moisturizer on the skin. It will help your skin to retain the moisturizer for a longer time and stay set. A well-moisturized skin is required and is also a sign of an excellent looking and glowing skin. Your skin will be hydrated, and you won’t need to reapply the moisturizer soon.

Matte Finish

People with oily skin have a hard time achieving a matte finish when doing makeup. Due to excess oil on the skin, the oily skin foundations start looking flaky once the oil begins forming. That’s where the best drugstore setting powder can help. It can provide you the uniform matte finish and also keep the look on for a more extended period.

These are the benefits of using a setting powder. If you love makeup and are involved with making your skin look flawless daily, the drugstore setting powder is one of the must-have products.

Specifications Of The Best Drugstore Setting Powders

Types Of Setting Powder

Majorly, there are two types of drugstore setting powders, and each has it’s own separate niche and use.

Loose Powder

The loose powder is the raw powdery form of setting powder and is used for an authentic and finished look. Due to it’s a professional and long-lasting effect, it is usually used by all the makeup artists and professionals. Loose setting powder needs to be applied using long brushes and then blending them lightly into the skin. Loose powder like Maybelline fit me loose finishing powder gives a natural look without making you look flaky and also provides an appearance of flawless skin.

Pressed Powder

As the name goes, pressed powder or a compact powder is the powder in a pressed or compact format. It is handy, lightweight, and easy to use. This is used by most people when they are on the go. A lot of people used pressed powder for touch-ups and making the skin glow at the last minute. The pressed powder has intense pigmentation and is ideal for people who have hard blemishes and spots. Try using pressed powders by black opal and see the difference.

The Appearance Of Setting Powder

How do you want the look of your drugstore setting powder to be? This will help you choose the final product depending on the look that you desire to be in.


The drugstore setting powder can have a flawless matte finish which most people with oily skin desire. This can help you keep oily skin at bay and go for a more natural and finished look, which will also stay for a more extended period without any need for touch-ups or interference.


There are setting powders which have a more dewy and moisturized look. This look is more hydrating and on the youthful glow side where the skin looks moisturized. There will be no unwanted shine and only a refreshing look where the skin seems to be fresh and lively. The more finely milled the powder is, the more light it feels on the skin.


Sheer or translucent powder is the one which doesn’t have a lot of pigmentation in it. It will only help you set the look without adding any extra color or pigmentation to your look. People who don’t have an uneven skin tone can go for this type of drugstore setting powder.

Tools To Apply The Drugstore Setting Power

Just like makeup, the best setting powder also needs to be involved with the proper means to have a good desired effect.


A sponge is typically used to apply the pressed powder on your skin. The sponge helps to blend the powder in the best way possible. However, with a sponge, the wash cycle should always be considered. If it is not washed promptly, the oil that is soaked by sponge can make it’s way back into the hazardous skin.


A powder brush is used to apply mainly loose setting powder as it is finely milled. You can apply the loose setting powder using a broad brush and then blend it onto the skin. A pro tip would be to remove the excess powder from the skin and brush after blending it so that the skin doesn’t look flaky.

Powder Puff

These powder puff comes along with the compact or pressed powder and is used to apply the same onto the skin when you are on the go. This puff is the best tool when you want to touch up your make up in the middle of an event.

FAQs For The Drugstore Setting Powder

Since it is a skin product, you must have a lot of unanswered questions hovering around in your mind. While we can’t guess all, we have tried to answer the most frequent questions that we know of below:

Is translucent powder the same as setting powder?

The translucent powder is an appearance of a setting powder. The setting powder that you use can be translucent or pigmented. There could be tint or color in it to match your deeper skin tone, or it could be translucent to mask the makeup.

Does dry skin need setting powder?

Yes. All skin types need a setting powder. Setting powder is not just to keep the oil at bay, but it also helps to set the makeup which is necessary for both oily as well as dry skin. The moisturizer that you have applied on your bare skin also needs to be set so that you don’t have to use it now and then.

What can replace setting powder?

There are cosmetic and natural alternatives to the setting powder. You can use finishing powder instead of setting powder, and it should do the job. Alternatively, you can use cornstarch at home, and that should probably do the same situation as that of a setting powder. It is a cumbersome alternative.

How come when I apply foundation it looks flaky?

When you apply foundations, and there is no moisture on your skin, the foundation can start looking flaky. Dry skin is the primary cause of your foundation, looking as flaky. This can be corrected using a good moisturizer and a few other home skin hacks.


That is everything you must know about the best drugstore setting powder before you go ahead and own one. The uses, benefits, and application have all been explained in simple words so that you become aware and take responsibility for your skin. Good looking skin makes you feel good, and when you don’t have to take care of it now and then, it helps to make you feel confident. Read everything again if you want more information about getting the best setting powder for dry skin as well.