Top 10 Best Purple Hair Dye: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Coloring the hair is in trend these days. You can look different and not so ordinary with the newly dyed hair. Previously, individuals who are professional models or want to go for a portfolio photoshoot. These days just to explore a new look, this new generation also goes for hair coloring. There are various colors, like brown, red, blonde, etc. According to the latest trend, people are also opting for purple hair dye. A flashy purple can bring a diva look in you. Getting the best purple hair dye can enhance your look and maintain the hair quality too.

The 10 Best Purple Hair Dye In 2021

According to the professional hairdressers and beauty salon owners, there are a few unsurpassed best purple hair dye in 2021 that are suitable for your hair. In this article, we have listed the top ten best purple hair dyes which you can choose and use it to get your desired look.

1 – Joico Semi-Permanent Purple Intensity Hair Color

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To get a firm and smooth purplish hairstreaks, try this new product. Get your hair color with this semi-permanent solution within 20-30 minutes with this brilliant solution. As the name suggests, semi-permanent, it will stay in your hair till 15-20 washes.

 This hair solution smells refreshing, and it stays long. Anyone who has white platinum hair can also try this color to get a smoother finish. There is no presence of ammonia in it, so it is safe to use. The presence of multi-action formula helps to enhance the advanced biopeptides in the hair follicles. This coloring solution maintains the moisture of the hair very well. For any kind of hair treatment solution, you can give it a try.

Key Features    

  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Moisturizing agent
  • Cruelty-free
  • Easy to use and remove
  • Semi-permanent
  • Glowing hair color


  • The best part of this conditioning color treatment is fading away. There remain no streaks of ugly patches when the color wears off. It will give a light impression of shade while fading.
  • Color finish on the hair looks superb after applying it.


  • Few customers have not liked the smell of this product
  • It is a bit expensive hair color as compared to the other similar hair solutions.

2 – Pravana Vivid Chromasilk Violet

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Pravana is the perfect professional brand for hair color experts. Before dying the hair with this solution, you can dilute the product well. This will help your hair from less damage. For getting the radiant purple shade, your hair should be on a scale of 6/7, which means reddish or a bit orange. It can simply help the color to shine more brightly. In case individuals have entirely black hair and want to get the purple look, then you have to bleach your hair first.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Diluting is needed
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Vibrant purple shade   
  • Stays long


  • Long-Lasting hair color with professional touch as compared to other colors
  • The attractive quality of the colored hair with the application of this hair solution


  • It is a bit difficult to apply on the light hairstreaks

3 – Lime Crime Full Coverage Aesthetic Vegan Hair Color

Now color your hair with a highly pigmented smooth mauve and be the talk of the town. You will automatically get an aesthetic feel by applying this superb hair dye. It provides full coverage to all types of hair.

 There is an ultra condition formula incorporated in this solution, which makes your hair healthy. The moisture levels of the hair follicles are stored safely, say no more to dry and damage hair. Hair DIY is also possible with this smart hair solution.

 In the end, you will love the finished look of your silky colored hair. There are no harsh chemicals or ammonia inside the pack. Although it is semi-permanent, the fading away takes time. It is a very gentle hair color and is vegan.

Key Features

  • Considerable coverage
  • Mauve color finish
  • Hydrating
  • Ideal for all hair types
  • DIY possible
  • Vegan
  • Safe


  • This hair solution is the easiest way to get colored hair instantly
  • Bleaching before coloring with this hair color is not necessary.   


  • Few users have opined that it works better on white platinum base hair color only.

4 – Adore Semi Permanent Image Creative Purple Hair Color

The composers have formed this fantastic purple range of hair color with extensive materials. It is a considerable color if you want to go for ombre shade. You need to dye the hairstreaks first to get a glowing effect.

 There is no presence of peroxide, ammonia, or alcohol in the content. After applying this solution on the hair, you will be amazed to get a silky smooth hair. The hydration capability of the color is superb. For better performance, the manufacturers are of opinion not to use any other conditioner on the hair after coloring.

Key Features

  • Suitable for ombre shades and all hair types
  • Smooth hair
  • Hydration maximum
  • Soft color


  • It can be applied quickly to get an instant colored hair with a glow effect.
  • Moisturized hair can be derived with the help of this coloring solution without damaging the hair follicles.


  • Few users have opined that it takes long hours to get the deep purple shade.
  • The hair color quality is not that impressive

5 – Manic Panic Purple Deep Dye Color

Manic Panic is a renowned brand that generates a range of hair colors for undertone. The semi-permanent violet hue is excellent for any hair type or colored hair. It will take around 5-6 weeks to fade out entirely from the hair follicles. While leaving, it will not give you any messy color tone. Instead, it will get lighter. The hair crème is free of ammonia, paraben, and other cruelty products. It is safe for all hair and is vegan.

Key Features

  • Natural
  • Temporary color
  • Ideal for all hair
  • Fades away lightly
  • Safe
  • No Paraben
  • Ammonia free
  • Vegan


  • It helps to generate a natural shine in your hair
  • Affordable product   


  • Few users have not liked the dye color outcome
  • The quality of the color content is fair.

6 – L’Oreal Paris Bleached Semi Permanent Light Purple

A beautiful color solution for your natural hair care suitable for all hair types. If you want to go for light dye or blonde, then it is an apt product for you. There is a conditioning mask imbibed in this solution, which helps to maintain the hydration level of the hair intact without causing any frizz or dryness.

 There is no ammonia or peroxide in this light purple hair dye. It is a safe hair color without any chemicals and is vegan. You can also use the same shampoo to keep the purple color for a long duration.

Key Features

  • Ideal for all hair types
  • Light purple hair dye
  • Conditions hair
  • Softer hair formula
  • Hydrates well
  • No dryness
  • Safe
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Cruelty-free


  • This temporary hair color solution fades away with a lighter shade
  • It does not result in any hair breakage or split ends.


  • In a few cases, users have faced difficulty while applying the color compared to other light purple hair dye
  • Purple highlights, while fading results in light green. It is not a con, but few consumers didn’t like the color change.

7 – Fudge Creative Paintbox Raspberry Conditioning Color

The manufacturers have mixed a pastel shade solution in this hair color. This helps to make your blonde streak look classy. If you already have a softer shaded blonde, then apply it to get a vibrant finish look. Once this temporary hair solution fades, you will get a tint of silvery blue.

The conditioned coloring formula does not leave any damaged or brittle hair behind. It is a temporary hair color but wears off very slowly. Use a color protection shampoo and conditioner for better results and longevity. The hair paint is vegan and is safe for everyone. The texture of this color is creamy and is a raspberry purple shade.

Key Features

  • Pastel raspberry shade
  • Classy color
  • Conditions hair follicles
  • No frizz
  • Color cream
  • Smells good
  • Fades away slowly
  • Temporary color formula
  • Vegan
  • Safe for all hair types
  • Cruelty-free


  • By using this hair treatment, you will get a super soft purple shade color
  • This fades off very slowly without any sticky or ugly color as residue


  • Few users have opined the texture is not that good
  • The color faded away after a single wash in some cases.

8 – Arctic Fox Cruelty – Vegan Free Purple Rain Hair Color

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Arctic Fox has a wide range of purple dye colors for setting different looks. Purple rain works fantastic on any base colors ranging from white platinum to dark shades of brown. You can even get the coverage benefits if you have pre-colored or highlighted streaks. It is effortless to apply and is gentle. The composers have not used any harsh chemicals in it. This is vegan that does not result in any hair damage.

Key Features

  • Versatile
  • Glowing hair
  • Suitable for pre-colored hair
  • Gentle   
  • Vegan
  • No hair damage


  • It stays for a long time around 6-7 weeks approximately
  • The color finish quality is pretty amazing
  • Fading away does not happen all of a sudden. This tends to disappear from the side part of the hair without making you look awkward.


  • Few consumers have faced the issue of wearing away or falling off the color immediately after washing hair.

9 – Special Effects Hair Dye SFX Purple Conditioning Color

Special Effects has composed this deep nourishing hair color treatment suitable for all hair types. If you have a pre-highlighted hair or bleach done previously, application of this color will give a radiant look. For fading away, the solution takes around 5-7 weeks’ approximately. You can also dilute the dye before using it to get a subtle finish of the hair color. It does not result in any hair fall or breakage. The conditioning solution is creamy in texture and is vegan.

Key Features

  • Conditioning
  • Crème based content
  • Violet/purple
  • Lasts longer
  • No dry
  • Hydrates properly
  • Vegan
  • Hair friendly
  • Suitable for all colored hair and types


  • For long brown hair, it gives a beautiful effect
  • Affordable   
  • It stays long for weeks. The fading away does not result in a messy look at all.


  • In some scenarios, consumers felt a sticky residue after using this color
  • Patchy lines on the streaks may result after dyeing your hair with purple shade

10 – Special Effects Purple Pimpin Hair Dye Color

If you are looking for a dimensional color apart from just purple, then it is the correct choice for you. This color range is of softer shade. The composers have used extensive materials to make the conditioning value of the color content better. Now you don’t have to worry about the hair frizz or dryness.

The moisture level of the hair follicle can be taken care of by this delicately scented color. It has a cream-based texture. This USA branded hair color is suitable for all hair types.

Even if you have already applied any color before, use it on the former to get a warm tone. White platinum-colored hair can get better results with this hair solution. There is no cruelty content in it. It is vegan.

Key Features

  • Soft
  • Safe   
  • Warm tone
  • Hydrates hair
  • Suitable for all hair
  • No cruelty
  • Vegan
  • Dryness free


  • The purple hue once starts fading won’t give you any awful residue shade. Instead, it will turn a lighter shade of blue/green.
  • Easy to apply to get the desired look.
  • It does stay for a long time for about 5-6 weeks or more. Depending on the color protection shampoo and conditioner, the color effect will remain.


  • Few users have opined that the dye works best on super bleached hair.
  • The quality of the solution was not up to the mark. The initial hair coloring with it looks good.

To go with the trend and fashion, people color their hair. It enhances the self-confidence as well. Using the best purple hair dye can give you a radiant look. Make sure before purchasing the correct product for your hair type, a handful of online research is done. This will help you to get great deals and offers too.

A Simple And Informative Buying Guide For The Best Purple Hair Dye

People across the globe are born with different skin colors, different hair colors, and various hair texture. Humans are born with different natural hair colors like black, dark brown, light brown, blonde, and some more. We get influenced to see the color of others and long to get the same. It is possible to color your hair the way you want. Gone are the days when only natural colors were available in hair dyes. Just think of any wildest color, and it is possible. These days purple has taken the hair dye industry by storm.

When you are planning to treat your hair with some stylish color, then always consider specific points. So here are some valuable points that will clear all your doubts before you color your hair with Purple dye.

Why Color Your Hair?

There was a time when hair color was generally meant to hide grey hair. Of course, no one would like to show a sign of aging; hence people had to depend on hair dyes. The use of hair dye is still in practice, but hair dyes are also being used for fashion now. The cosmetics industry has revolutionized rapidly and leaves no chance to mesmerize you. Hair dyes are no doubts one of the best ways to grab the attention of the onlooker. If you want to make people turn their heads, then try something exotic like a Purple Hair Dye.

Personality Enhancer

People choose different colors to showcase their personality, and a purple hair dye is an excellent way to show your boldness. Hair dyes are available in abundance, but a proper guide will help you choose the best purple hair dye. There are many myths related to hair dyes, and it is essential to clear all your doubts before dyeing your hair. Believe it, anyone can color their hair provided they know what the right product is.

Companies are taking every effort to develop skin-friendly products and also ensure that their product is not tested on animals and vegan-friendly. Now style and care come in one single packet, and you can improve and enhance your style quotient with a wide range of purple hair dyes.

Study The Trend

New hair dyes are hitting the market every hour. Even single dye hair has different shades that can suit everyone’s needs. If you regularly update yourself with the latest trend, you will find purple hair dye is very popular. People love this color though it is not a natural color for hair. You can spot many celebrities sporting this beautiful and attractive color. Even ordinary people can color their hair with purple dye to look different.

You may have doubts about its presence on your hair, as it is not a natural color. But an experienced stylist will pick the right shade to suit your personality.

Factors To Consider While Buying The Best Purple Hair Dye

Find The Right Brand 

Many brands are in the business of producing hair dyes of different colors. You should always prefer a trusted or famous brand for a quality product. The product of reputed brands may be a little expensive, but they are reliable. They educate their consumer about the properties of the hair dye.

It will be beneficial in finding the best purple hair dye if you go through the reviews of the customers. Brands list the product features for your reference, so you should study those before applying the purple hair dye.

Types Of Hair Dye

Purple hair dyes come in different shades and types. They are available in permanent and semi-permanent variants to suit your needs. The difference between the two is that semi-permanent dyes stay for a shorter period. With every head wash, the color will fade to a certain extent. This is also a perfect option for those who want to try the color.

If you prefer a bolder look, then there are purple hair dyes like a deep purple dye that will give a vibrant effect on pre-highlighted hair. You will find endless options in dark or deep purple dye. Even though such colors are durable, they do not damage your hair. Manic panic purple haze hair dye has everything you are looking for in a purple hair dye. The product is very warm on your hair and can last up to 4-6 weeks.

Types Of Hair

You will get a purple hair dye to suit any type of hair. Be it long, short, curly, or straight. You can easily color them with your favorite purple dye. The kind of hair does not influence much when it comes to coloring. However, the effect of application may differ from one example to another. Global hair color may suit some while highlights can suit others

Permanent Dyes

Permanent hair dyes are based on a vibrant and long-lasting formula that can last for long. They give a sensational hue to your hair that you will simply fall in love with. Some permanent hair dyes come in mystic fragrance for that soothing effect.

Conditioner Based Purple Hair Dye

Modern hair dyes come with the benefits of conditioner, which is useful for hair. Conditioning hair color will keep your hair smooth and protects from harshness. Purple hair dye has advantages of a conditioner that conditions your hair with care.

Always Use A Color-Protecting Shampoo

For a better and long-lasting coloring effect, you must take care of the guidelines. Purple is not a natural color tone, so it gives a different impression. Keep your hair healthy and smooth by using the right quality color, protecting shampoo. When you color your hair, do not use regular shampoo for hair care; instead, use the one suggested.

It is better to use the color-protecting shampoo of the same brand of the purple hair dye. Shampooing color-treated hair and proper hair care routine will provide a long-lasting result on any type of hair.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Many purple hair dyes come with ammonia and peroxide that may be harmful to hair. These chemicals are used to improve the color tone and effect of the dyes. But at the same time can easily damage your lovely locks. Excessive use of chemical-based hair dye will leave your hair dull, frizzy, and unattractive. Semi-permanent hair dyes are free of harsh chemicals and are an excellent option for a temporary need.

So we suggest you look for the product that claims to be free from any sort of harsh chemicals. You will have no difficulties in buying a chemical-free hair color. These days people prefer to use no chemicals color as they have become more caring towards health. Good hair is a sign of good health; hence you should not allow any product to make it sick.

Easy To Apply

Coloring your hair at home is no Hercules task, as the application is effortless. However, for special effects, you should always rely on a specialist as they are the masters. Purple hair dyes come with applicator and instructions which are easy to understand. You can buy purple hair dye from a drug store or online. The pack comes with all the necessary items that you need to color and wash your hair at home. 

You can go for a manic panic purple haze for at-home coloring as the application is straightforward. Moreover, they do not contain any harsh elements, and the product is cruelty-free means not tested on animals instead tested on celebrities.

The application has become more comfortable as purple hair dyes are now coming as color cream. This means its application is not messy as it does not drip, unlike liquid color.

For Special Effects

You can color your hair in different ways like global, highlighter, touch-ups, or so on. Color your hair with Special Effects brand for that special occasion. As the name suggests, it leaves your hair screaming loud. The color tells it all when you treat your hair with the special effects hair dye Pimpin purple. This product is conditioning hair color that gives your hair an intense color and has a semi-permanent effect. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do purple hair dyes last?

Nowadays, hair dyes come in permanent and temporary variants. If you are using it for the first time, then it is better to opt for semi-permanent dye. This type will last for around four weeks, provided you follow the post-care tips. One should opt for a semi-permanent kind if they have inhibitions about the purple color.
There are specific caring tips you should follow to keep the color intact and vibrant or the scheduled time.

Is there a permanent purple hair dye?

When we talk about permanent purple hair dyes, you should keep in mind in hair dyes permanent means that lasts long. The purple hair dye may fade after some time and start showing lighter shades. The regular washing of your hair will dull the effect of hair dyes to some extent. The lesser you wash your hair, the more extended the color will stay. One should opt for a semi-permanent purple hair dye type if they have inhibitions about the purple color.

Does using a purple hair dye damage your hair?

Hair dyes used to be damaging agents some years ago. But now hair dyes are technologically advanced, and brands take utmost care in developing hair dyes. Nowadays, hair dyes are peroxide and ammonia-free that ensure no damage to your hair. Purple hair dyes are generally gentle on hair and make sure you treat your hair with care. We recommend choosing the trusted brand to save your hair from damage.

What color does purple-dyed hair fade to?

It depends on the base color of your hair. If you have blonde hair, then after some time, it will fade to pale purple. Purple hair dye comes in different shades, and what color it will fade depends on this. Sometimes you should also expect a pink or pale pink shade over time.

Can I dye dark hair purple without bleaching it first?

Yes, it is very much possible to dye dark hair purple without bleaching it first. Bleaching aims to enhance the hue and stay of purple. Bleached hair accepts the coloring effect very beautifully; that is why hairdresser suggests bleach your hair first. However, you can enjoy a warm purple color even without bleaching your hair.

How do you make purple hair last longer?

Hair dye is a styling agent, and it needs some efforts to make your style a statement. When you are dyeing your hair, you want to bring a change to the way you look. Styling your hair with hair dyes will be extremely easy if you are aware of the hair-care tips.
Washing your hair less frequently helps the purple hair dye to stay longer on your hair. You should use good quality hair products post coloring. There are specific tips to keep your purple hair vibrant that your stylist will tell you. A little attention to the post-care tips will keep your purple hair away from rapidly fading.


The Best Purple Hair Dye is the one that enhances your appeal and confidence. So you must select the best product by the best brand. The right product will leave a lasting impact on your hair and, of course, on the onlookers. You will get a great result if you include the right shampoo and conditioner in your hair-care routine. Shampooing color-treated hair is just like ordinary shampooing.

Purple is a vibrant color, and it will certainly add a spark to your personality if you go for the right shade. Choosing the right purple hair dye is now an easy task with the help of this guide. Coloring your hair is a good and effective way to break away from the monotony. Hair color like purple will keep people around you wondering. If you are planning to add a sense of style in your personality, then purple hair dye will do the needful. Just follow the guidelines to keep your hair healthy post coloring and always partner with the best brand. A comparative study and reading the reviews will help you in finding the right purple hair dye for adding that oomph factor to your style.