Top 10 Best Epilator for Face and Body: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Wandering to use epilators this year? Do not be random in the selection and leave your skin critical with irritating redness and breakouts. Instead, go out, do some research and find out the best product that suits your skin, especially when you are using it for the first time. For your kind information, an epilator is considered to be the alternative to waxing or any other methods of hair removal. We would not say here that it is regarded as the best alternative because every skin has its own merits as well as demerits. It may also be the case that epilator would be a wholly different thing that suits your smooth sensitive skin. We will proceed with an informative buying guide session on how you can make your own decision before buying the best epilator in 2021.

Top 10 Best Epilator Reviews of 2021

We teamed up with professional beauty experts and make-up artists to help us find the best epilator available on the market in 2021. With their expertise out of the field we selected and reviewed the 10 best epilators for you. With our help, you can select the best epilator for face and body for you.

1 – Braun Silk-Epil 9 9-961V Hair Removal Epilator

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It is a high-end cordless epilator by Braun with lots of exciting accessories. This dry and wet epilator claims to remove all hair in one stroke from the roots itself. The epilator offers a total skincare regimen.

Along with an epilator, two new body exfoliators are provided. The overall kit comes in very hand if you want to reduce the discomfort of using separate tools for massage or exfoliation. They have also made it best for sensitive skin with pulsating active vibrations that help reduce the irritation caused mostly via other epilators.

Furthermore, a massaging pas is offered so that you need not buy accessories separately. If you compare it with waxing results, you will be able to notice the difference. It epilates four times shorter hair up to 0.5mm that wax can’t even catch. Also, its epilating heads are 40% wider to provide the required smoothness. This cordless epilator needs charging for only one hour to operate 40 minutes.

You should use their electric shaver for bikini lines or sensitive skin. Though it may look expensive, the features offered, including the accessories and operation on delicate skin, is impressive. As you would exfoliation and massage before epilating, this facility is inbuilt with this product, and you need not go elsewhere.

Key Features

  • Includes two body exfoliators
  • Contains a massaging pad and an electric shaver
  • 40% wide epilating head pulsating active vibration
  • Pivoting head
  • Precision cap for difficult areas
  • Smartlight to reveal the most delicate hairs


  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable
  • Feature-rich
  • Fast charging
  • Also ideal for bikini lines and sensitive area


  • Pricey
  • Face cap not so effective

2 – Panasonic Wet/Dry Epilator Plus Shaver

If you are looking for an attachment rich epilator, this one by Panasonic ES-ED90-P may work best for you. It comes with a total of 6 attachments to offer most facilities with a single tool. This shaver plus epilator is known to provide the high-performance function with its dual-speed motor. So, it’s a kind of complete hair removal solution, including the amazing feet care issues. If you are an extreme lover of an epilator, all its features may look impressive.

You can get it anywhere, as it is a whole epilator that is rechargeable and can be used for dry and wet skin. It is a beautiful feet care solution when a great bonus in the form of a pedicure buffer head is provided. Moreover, it works well for smooth skin with 60 degrees rotatable head, which can epilate short hair up to 0.5mm. In case you are dissatisfied or have any issues with the product, do consider their two years limited manufacturer warranty.

For an operation time of 30 minutes, you need to charge the product for about an hour, which we think is a great deal at a budget-friendly price. Everything is sorted out with this epilator plus shaver. For instance, if you want to stray off long hairs from the sensitive bikini area, use their shaver head with a pop-up trimmer. And, to epilate arms and legs according to different body contours, they have recommended using their dual-disc and broad epilator head.

Key Features

  • Includes six additional attachments
  • Charging time 1 hour for the operation of 30 minutes
  • Includes pedicure buffer attachment as an intensive feet care solution
  • Inbuilt LED light to show the most delicate hairs
  • Contains shaver head for sensitive areas


  • Quick operation
  • Feature-rich
  • Suits sensitive areas
  • Also, provide a solution to take care of feet
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Painful
  • Not so useful on pulling short hair

3 – Philips Beauty Advanced Epilator

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It is an advanced electric epilator by Philips Beauty, which is wholly cordless and can be used for both wet or dry skin.

Along with the sensitive area, it also works great on legs, arms, underarms, and face. Furthermore, its tweezing discs are made up of a particular ceramic body that helps to capture more hairs on the skin while also being smooth on the skin. Overall, this electric shaver plus an epilator comes up with an additional five attachments to be considered.

Even if you have coarser and thicker hairs upon the skin, this gentle epilator helps work all over there. Its ergonomic design allows you to handle the product very gently. With a maximum of 1.5 hours of charging, you can use the epilator for about 40 minutes. It has an extra-wide epilating head to pull out hairs more smoothly. Since we are getting broad epilating head, it’s a great deal with such a budget-friendly product. Moreover, you can charge the epilator if you are warned with its battery indicator.

Its 32 ceramic discs made up of unique ceramic makes sure that you to remove hair from the root even from rough surfaces. For cleaning purposes and removing out excess hair stuck in the epilator, detach its removable head. It has a smart integrated optic light to find out the hairs that are difficult to detect on normal lighting conditions. So, this epilator is full worth of price they are charging and provides immense facilities epilating at sensitive areas.

Key Features

  • Contains five additional attachments
  • Wide epilating head
  • Shaver + Epilator
  • Battery indicator
  • Smart optic light
  • Operation 40 minutes with 1.5 hours of charging


  • Cordless
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ergonomic design
  • Speed controls
  • Easy to clean


  • Hurting at initial operations
  • Some head attachments are difficult to reach short hairs
  • A little painful

4 – Remington Facial Epilator

It is a wallet-friendly facial epilator pick by the Remington brand. The design is convenient that you will love to pick up the product and use it on the face. Our face is one of the most sensitive areas, and if you are looking to buy a separate epilator for the purpose, this Remington Epilator may be the one to go with. Overall, the product is attractive, cheap, and portable, which included AA batteries.

As we said, it is not rechargeable. Every time you will be required to replace the batteries. However, that’s a good advantage because you are not going to charge again and again after every 1-2 hours. Also, there are six tweezers on the epilator only to pull out sensitive facial hairs. Its handy design and shape make it very maneuverable around areas such as upper lips, and area around the nose, etc.

However, the product is not that powerful because of facial epilating purposes. So, there are no chances of controlling speed and all that related stuff. It operates at the same low speed. But the epilator is pretty loud upon operation. Apart from upper lips, chin, and cheeks, you can’t use it near forehead or eyebrows as the epilator is not so precise to be used over there.

Key Features

  • Includes six tweezers
  • Contains AA battery
  • Compact
  • Attractive design
  • Cleaning brush and protective cap also provided


  • Wallet-friendly
  • Only to pull out hairs from the face
  • Battery included
  • Portable


  • Not so precise
  • Not waterproof

5 – Emjoi Caress Epilator

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It is Emjoi’s effective epilator with ergonomic shape. Except for face, you can easily use this epilator for bikini lines, underarms, and areas around the legs.

All in all, this is a protective deal in a pocket-friendly range. It is also manufactured with antimicrobial protection to prevent the excess bacteria caused by epilating. Furthermore, the dual-speed controls to adjust the operation level. It can also remove short hair up to 0.5mm.

Along with the epilator, it also contains finger massage attachments to be gentle enough for hands. To reduce further discomfort, it is made with a patented pain reduction technology. To remove hair from the root, a total of 36 tweezers discs are there. With the contoured and curved design, you will just amazing using the product. However, this is a corded epilator, so you need to make sure that the power plug source is somewhat nearby.

This hypoallergenic epilator is best to go for if you have too much sensitive skin that develops allergies against using other kinds of epilators. Moreover, the cord provided is long enough to reach the power source even if it is a little far. To know how to operate the epilator better, an instructions manual is also provided along. All these tools, including cleaning brush and charger, are packed in a lovely loofa pouch, which is again a travel-friendly feature.

Key Features

  • Contains 24 karat gold plated tweezers
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Built with pain reduction technology
  • Corded epilator
  • Ergonomic design with soft grip
  • A great bikini trimmer


  • Travel-friendly
  • Provides overall protection from bacteria
  • Contains an instruction manual


  • Cannot be used over face

6 – Epilady Rechargeable Epilator

It is another product epilator by Epilady that is cordless and rechargeable. The best part about the product is a large number of tweezers. A total of 40 tweezers are built to provide excellent methods of hair removal with 32,000 tweezes/minute. It is supplied with a power adaptor of dual voltage 100-240V and an international round pin two-prong plug. So, you can always adjust as per your country’s adaptor needs.

The plug adaptor provided is European so that you can even use it overseas. To pull out hairs from the root, it is one of the fastest and efficient epilators on the list. It’s a rare situation that you will notice any noise while epilating. In the kit, you will also get a cleaning brush along with an adaptor, instructions manual, and epilator. It may look a little full epilator, but the design is handy and ergonomic for application on smooth skin.

This epilator works amazingly when performed at high speed. Also, you will not feel any plug-in issues with the epilator as the required adaptor, and two-pin plug is also provided. However, you can use it over the face on less sensitive areas such as chin, and cheeks, etc. Using it on the upper lips depends upon your pain tolerance level and skin sensitivity aspect. If you want, do a patch test for the specified area.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable epilator
  • Plug epilator and two-pin plug provided
  • Includes cleaning brush


  • No plug-in issues
  • Compact


  • A little pricey

7 – Braun Face 851 Miniature Epilator

Braun is a leading brand and produces almost all kinds of epilators for the purpose. Well, it’s a specific facial epilator made for cleaning your face’s smooth skin. You need not go and buy additional exfoliation tools as this Braun Face epilator comes up with an exfoliation brush, a beauty sponge, a regular brush, and extra sensitive brush. The epilator is battery powered, so replace batteries and do not worry about recharging again and again.

So, a total of facial brushes are offered along with the epilator. These specific brushes are made for deep-cleaning the pores along with micro-oscillation technology. It is even tested and recommended by dermatologists to use the epilator for sensitive, smooth skin. Each user got highly impressed by the sleek and compact design of the epilator. With its ten micro-openings, you can catch the shortest hairs up to 0.2mm.

To beautifully pack all the products in a single place, a high-end kit is also provided. The handy design and shape let you cover even the difficult to reach areas on the face. So, it gives an overall precise for both deep pore cleansing and epilating purposes. Beneficial results can be seen with the exfoliation method as compared to when you do it with average hands. Furthermore, the product is ideal to be used in wet or dry conditions.

Key Features

  • Miniature and compact facial epilator
  • Contains four facial brushes
  • Includes ten micro-openings for better removing the hair up to 0.2mm
  • Includes a high-end portable kit
  • Beauty sponge and cleaning brushes for deep pore cleansing


  • Travel-friendly
  • Highly productive for face
  • Handy design


  • Not for other body parts

8 – Emjoi AP-18 Epilator

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It is an epilator with one of the most significant number of tweezers with a total of 72 tweezers. The product is minimal, handy, and compact to be used only on a dry surface. So, its ergonomic shape allows the best soft grip to make it gentle within the hands. The curved design is manufactured to access all body contours. For proper anti-microbial prevention, it is made with silver ion technology from outside.

Forget all irritation now you may face with other types of epilators. Its integrated glide technology helps using the product with ease and comfort to decrease any irritation issues. So, it is a kind of staggered series which consists of 3 discs. It also avoids any short or flat hairs to be missed by the tweezers. For use purposes, you can have it for underarms, bikini lines, and legs. So, the face is excluded, which is also not suitable with such a large number of tweezers and robust operation.

However, if you want to use over the face, consider maintaining the right angle so that it goes perfect against the skin. And, with the dual-speed controls, you can reduce the pain level to some extent. Still, a certain level of pain will always be there with every kind of epilator. The use of epilator also prevents further growth of hairs.

Key Features

  • A total of 72 tweezers are provided
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Ideal to use on legs, underarms, and bikini lines
  • Glide Technology to reduce irritation
  • Dual speed control


  • Highly maneuverable
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Not for wet areas
  • Produce little breakouts on the face

9 – Philips Beauty Epilator

No products found.

If you are conscious about purchasing style statement products, this Philips Beauty may be impressive. However, it is a corded epilator to remove short as well as long hairs from legs and areas around the arms. The epilator can easily epilate shorter hair up to 0.5mm from the roots itself. However, the manufacturer has recommended using it over dry surfaces only. This is because it becomes easy for the epilator to pick up hairs from those areas.

Well, we are a little disappointed by the noise level of 72db. And, with the corded structure, you need to make sure that the power plug source remains nearby. Set up the speed accordingly with its 2-speed controls along with an efficiency cap attachment for protection purposes. Also, the epilator is a breeze to clean as the epilating head provided is removable. It efficiently operates on the voltage level of 100-240V.

As the description says, it removes hairs from the roots, which helps make you hair-free for an extended period. Even it also looks appealing when set on the dressing table, among other beauty products. So, we are sure that its design will get you compliments. For protection against allergy and bacteria causing germs, it is equipped with 21 hypoallergenic tweezers. But, the bad part is that you can’t use it to remove facial hair.

Key Features

  • Dual speed controls
  • 21 hypoallergenic tweezers
  • Corded
  • Attractive design
  • Can easily remove the shorter hairs
  • Includes efficiency cap attachment


  • Handy
  • Easy to clean
  • Appealing look


  • Can’t be used on the face

10 – Hizek Women Epilator

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It is Hizek’s women epilator with lots of exciting features we are going to discuss now, along with its practical functionality. It says 4-in-1 as the set includes a shaver head, an epilator, an exfoliation brush, massager, and other attachments. This multifunction epilator removes hairs easily, even from the sensitive area. Furthermore, the brand is offering a great deal at very affordable prices. And, you can use it for wet or dry skin surfaces.

The device has broad epilating heads that can grab more hairs at a time and let you be hair-free for a long-lasting period. To operate this cordless epilator for about 60 minutes, you are required to charge it for 3 hours minimum. Its appealing look and ergonomic design also make the user comfortable while using the product. Its contour design lets you access different curved parts of the body quickly. For short hairs, it can epilate up to 2mm of hairs from the root and makes the skin look beautiful.

You need to hold the skin taut, whether it is wet or dry, and use the epilator at 90 degrees, and you are good to go. Its body massager and exfoliation tool give a very relaxing experience to the skin. And, the special skin protector helps to place the skin in place so that it only pulls out the hairs and not the skin.

Key Features

  • Massager, exfoliation, and other attachments
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wet or dry skin surfaces
  • Operation 60 minutes with 3 hours charging
  • 42 effective tweezers


  • Productive results
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to clean
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Takes a lot of time to charge fully
  • Not so useful for removing facial hairs

Buying Guide on the Best Epilator In The Market

Before you take any decision on purchasing the epilator, do consider some facts similar to those we will be discussing in this buying guide section. As we have already mentioned, epilators are not for all, especially if you don’t want to tolerate even a little pain. So, we will be discussing all the aspects related to epilators such as benefits, suited skin types or hairs, and correct usage.

So, stick till the end and know all about purchasing as well as using an epilator in the right way.

An Introduction To Epilator

An epilator is, of course, a device made to pull out hairs with its inbuilt tweezers and rollers. Using an epilator is among the trendiest techniques for removing the hair. Plucking, shaving, tweezing, and waxing are all different kinds of hair removal methods that can give results but less than desired. This is why epilators come into place to fulfill the demerits caused by other techniques. Well, we are not sure if suitability to your skin type. Still, we can make a statement that a gentle epilator made for the purpose is not at all, that harmful that we are so thinking about hypersensitive skins.

It is generally an electrical device that can have different power sources such as corded, cordless, or battery powered. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, an epilator is known to remove hairs from the root, which is a high plus point of their usage as it also prevents ingrown hair contrary to any hair removal cream.

What To Look For Before Buying The Best Epilator?

You need to check on specific points before deciding to buy the best epilator in 2021. Every year, additional features come up with some modifications in technology and other advancements. So, take a look at what you should see in this year.


First of all, look for your purpose of buying an epilator. This factor also sounds obvious. Purpose selection criteria can revolve around seeing where you want to epilate, and the main reason you are choosing an epilator for hair removal. And, if you have decided using an epilator directly in terms of pain, then it is going to cause some discomfort, even though it’s little.

 Where you want to epilate

It’s a subpart of our previous described point. So, think of the area where you want to epilate. If you wish to epilate bikini lines, underarms, legs, or face, make a decision. It’s an essential consideration if an epilator is made for a specific purpose only. For instance, most epilators come with the specification that you can use them only to remove facial hair. On the other hand, the ones we have listed in our list of top 10 most are multi-function and feature-rich epilators.

Thus, you can have them as the best bikini trimmer. And, if you are starting, use the ones having legs epilating feature. It is helpful because you will get used to the pain after some time. If you are comfortable removing facial hair with an epilator and want a separate device for it, select the specific facial hair epilators.

Check for multiple functions

Similar to what we have chosen in our top 10 list, you should also wish your device to be multi-featured. There are ranges of features you can consider to be included within an epilator so that they will look more attractive and receptive. However, integrated or separate shaver head is one of the additional standard features on epilators. So, these kinds of features, including the addition of exfoliators and massagers, are great because you need not require buying separate tools.

So, if you are looking to buy a dual epilator or one with a shaver head, make sure of top-notch quality. And, considering antimicrobial prevention is also essential, especially for women with too sensitive skin. As you explore the features of a particular product, you will be going to see many other additional functions an epilator offers.

Wet or Dry

It is sometimes recommended to use the epilators only over dry skin surfaces. But today, the manufacturers are producing advanced products that can be easily used for wet or dry conditions both. Many famous brands such as Braun, Emjoi, or Philips, etc. are making such epilators. And, the good part is that people love shockproof and waterproof epilators because of more facility.

Battery Operated or Corded

In the online market, you will find mainly three kinds of epilators divided into terms of the power source. These are, namely, corded, cordless, and battery-powered. The cheapest options are mostly the corded and battery operated. But, they can’t give you the maneuverability that a cordless epilator can offer. But, it’s not wrong to buy a battery-powered or corded epilator as the quality, features, and other factors are almost the same. So, if you are low on budget, you can consider them buying.

Number of Tweezers

An epilator can pluck out more hairs than ordinary tweezers. So, it’s the magic of several tweezers provided in an epilator. More tweezers mean quick epilating for hairs. And, we all already know that epilating is a time-consuming task, so getting one with more number of tweezers is a better option.

Along with it, you should also check out whether an epilator is working correctly or pulling out hairs efficiently.

Shape and Design

The shape and design of an epilator you want to carry in your hand also matters to some extent. Well, you should not only choose the epilator because of attractive design while ignoring the other factors. After you are satisfied with the quality and additional functions, go ahead with considering the shape. A shape that you think suits well to your hands is good.

Top Features Of Best Epilator

The best epilator has the following additional inbuilt facilities.

Cap Attachments

Many epilators come with one or more cap attachments that are also beneficial for us. Having other cap attachments means you are adding something to the epilator head depending upon your requirements. Generally, for bikini lines, underarms, or another sensitive area, sensitive cap attachment is provided. And, for particular facial hair removal, facial cap attachment is offered.

Other caps include efficiency cap or massage caps. The purpose of an efficiency cap is to attain the correct angle while using it.


Smartlight is another excellent feature provided in most high-end epilators. The bright LED kind of soft light is provided to detect even the most delicate hairs that are difficult to see in normal light conditions. Its position and place are made in such a way that the area you want to illuminate gets itself brightened.

Speed Controls

Speed Controls, especially the dual-speed controls for the slow and quick function, is excellent. It helps you adjust the speed level of the epilator and provides more productive coverage for less sensitive and larger areas.

Multi-purposes and extras

Other multi-purposes include exfoliating brush or cleansing facial brush and other extras we will discuss what makes a product look more appealing. These additions are useful as they also prevent ingrown hairs and other common side effects caused by plucking hair directly from the root. Exfoliation brush helps properly cleanse with deep pore cleansing and provides a pleasantly smooth experience.

On the other hand, foot buffers or callus removers are other helpful attachments. They generally contain a roller at the head to remove out the hard skin or calluses from the rough surfaces. They are highly productive additions, but you need to be a little careful while using them. A beautiful carrying pouch can be other best extras offered along with an epilator. So, if you want to make this product travel-friendly, do search one with a compact carrying case.

And, some kits are also provided with mirrors. So, that’s a high plus point if you find one with it!

Benefits Of Using Epilators

Pain is the number one demerit of epilation. Well, you have to deal with this discomfort even in other methods of hair removal. And, when you surpass that level, a lot of positive results can be seen. Now, get back to the benefits section, which is the central aspect of writing this section. There are lots of merits to using an epilator.

Its most appreciating advantages include smooth skin, which you will get along with long-lasting results. Even the results are sometimes better than depilatory creams, waxing, shaving, or other methods of hair removal. In this manner, results also depend upon person to person and their level of having skin-sensitive issues. Epilation also works amazingly on removing out the shorter hairs. And, this method can help grow back finer and softer hairs.

So, epilating for a more extended period can also make you more tolerant about pain and see positive results in terms of hair growth.

Epilation can provide you the following benefits.

  • Epilation offers ultimate smoothness that can even last more than four weeks.
  • Various kinds of attachments and facilities are provided with epilators to get you the required comfortable feeling. These facilities are even ideal for different body parts, as already mentioned in the specification.
  • It is also noticed that sensitive skin is the most appreciated beneficiary of epilators. As in other techniques, the epilator doesn’t directly pull out skin instead of stresses upon plucking out hairs from the root.
  • When your hairs grow back after epilation, they will be very less noticeable. And, this thing keeps on reducing as you use the epilator for a long time.
  • This epilation is also gentle on smooth skin. Its massaging rollers relax the skin while epilating. So, all kinds of facilities are provided to reduce discomfort and pain.

How To Correctly Use An Epilator?

For better results, exfoliating the skin is essential. This is why most popular have recognized the need and made epilators along with massagers and exfoliators. Exfoliation helps prevent ingrown hairs as well as remove the dead skin cells. Start by taking an epilator at 90 degrees angle to the skin. It is highly advised not to press this electrical device against the skin. Naturally, taut the skin, as we have already mentioned many times. Then, slowly move the epilator in your hair growth direction.

Moving epilator opposite to the direction of hair can cause hair to cut but not from the roots which are required. So, do not move the epilator this way.

Other Tips To Use Epilator

  • Epilating in the night is mostly preferred. This is because many people experience skin irritation and redness after removing the hair.
  • To get clear and smooth, be a little patient as the redness will take around a couple of hours to go.
  • Operate this electrical device slowly and do not be hurry and even make your skin or other severe issues. And, moving it too quickly can also leave some hairs behind.
  • Do not forget to use a moisturizer after you are done with epilating the hairs.
  • Maintain regular cleanliness for your epilator also and wash the epilator with warm water after every time you use it.

(FAQs) Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is epilator better than waxing?

We cannot say anyone as better from another technique because of them has their repercussions. So, if you switch to epilating only based on pain, then the problem is not going to be sorted. This is because both methods are painful. However, the epilator removes hair with less pain while the waxing is more painful. The next advantage is the different methods of hair removal.
Well, both epilating and waxing can remove hair from the root. But, the long-lasting results are mostly seen in the case of epilators. However, the results can also be equal in both cases revolving somewhat around 2-4 weeks.

How do I choose an epilator?

Well, you should choose an epilator that is perfect in terms of both price and quality features. For reference to functions and other factors, you can read our buying guide. It will further help you make a sorted decision on the subject. Briefly, we can say that you can look at several tweezers, power sources, and additional facilities while choosing an epilator.

Does using an epilator darken my skin?

It does not look at all that epilating will darken the skin. But, if you can’t employ the proper method to use an epilator, then it may happen. So, follow the right approach and see amazing results. Just like waxing, an epilator also pulls out hairs from the root rather than the dermis. Thus, there is no such thing as skin darkening related to the use of epilator.

Do epilators have side effects?

There isn’t anything available without side effects. Even if you use the waxing or other techniques, they too have side effects. Similarly, epilating can cause you redness, breakouts, swelling, ingrown hair, and more. But, you should not cut on using epilators by hearing these problems. There are also valid reasons why redness or swelling is caused by smooth skin. So, yes, epilators do have side effects, just like methods of removing the hair have.

Is epilating facial hair bad?

If you are starting, we would like to suggest you buy the epilator with all the functions of epilating. It means that you can use the specific epilator on the face as well. This thing will help you note the skin’s sensitivity against using an epilator on the face. So, we cannot say it directly that the epilator is terrible to be used in the face without any valid reason. Even brands are making epilators to remove facial hairs, so that doesn’t make sense at all to disregard the statement.
Yes, we can say that the epilator to remove facial hair may not suit the person with hypersensitive skin.

Does epilation cause ingrown hairs?

No, epilating doesn’t cause ingrown hairs at all. Instead, it prevents the growth of ingrown hair as an epilator only pull out hairs from the root than the dermis. So, this technique doesn’t cause ingrown hair. However, lousy quality epilators can cause ingrown hairs. Choosing a high-quality epilator is always necessary to prevent ingrown hairs. Also, make sure to taut the skin before using an epilator. This technique is among the list of correct usage.


Recognize the importance of using different at home laser hair removal machines as you may find one that best suits your skin. After an extensive research session, we have come upon the decision that the epilator is not a kind of alien hair removal technique. It is similar and even more productive than other methods of hair removal. There is valid evidence also available on how women with hypersensitive skin have achieved the super-efficient results after using an epilator.

Choosing the best epilator for face and body is not easy so hopefully, you have also gone through our top 10 best epilator reviews sections along with a detailed buying guide. The purchasing decision is yours, but we must say to consider our list of best picks, especially if you are starting in the matter of epilating.