Top 10 Best Facial Steamer: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

If skin care is a priority for you, you already know about facial steaming and how important it is. While there have been advances made in facial steaming, it has always been an accessible and compelling concept. People have been using face steaming as a technique since ages, and it works like magic. Hot steam is perfect for your skin. However, it should be through the best facial steamer and should be used correctly.

Top 10 Best Facial Steamer

Skin specialist & Dermatologist have often helped us in understanding the necessity of our skin and with their useful tips we have selected top 10 Best Facial Steamers for all Skin types which will help you to choose the best face steamer for your face and skin.

1 – Pure Daily Care Large 3-in-1 Nano Facial Steamer

Pure Daily has designed an advanced steamer which can produce nano ionic warm vapor. A blend of a conventional heating method with a new formulated sonic vapor infused technology generates negative ions. When water comes in contact with these nano ionic particles, the effectiveness of water penetration through the skin cells reaches ten times more than any regular steamer. A new five-piece skin tool kit is included in the product package. A sharp surgical blackhead and hair removal kit, smooth water cup, a durable power cord, and the manual is added in the assortment.

The 3 in 1 set up includes a towel warmer and moisture setting tab and a steamer for the face. Large tank (200ml) is set-up which can produce steam up to 40 mins. There is a knob present to control the desired humidification setting. Inbuilt steamed towel section to provide fresh, slightly wet towels prepped while you go through the steaming process. One of the quick and easy ways to get flawless, acne free young skin is to use the Nano steamer. After steaming, you can moisture your skin with a gentle moisturizing cream or lotion. This will retain the water balance of your skin.

Key Features

  • Nano iconic warm vapor
  • Five-piece sharp exfoliator kit included
  • Easy removal of acne, pimple
  • Quick water penetration
  • 3 in 1 steamer set up
  • Tank 200ml
  • Steam till 40mins
  • An operatable knob for moisture setting
  • Smooth skin-derived
  • A power cord and user manual accompanied


  • Steaming time of the Nano steamer is rapid as compared to other regular steamers
  • Much effective than the beauty masks or creams available in market
  • The stainless steel exfoliation kit is very beneficial for easy, painless removal of skin impurities without any clogging pores.
  • An excellent spa experience at home


  • Few users have faced an issue with the steaming process. People couldn’t feel the steam properly.
  • After working for some time, leakage from the tank is also found.

2 – Zenpy Facial Nano Steamer 


Zenpy Facial Nano Steamer is specially designed by using Nano iconic steaming technology and fast, automated system to get a calming vapor which can moisturize your skin cells nicely. An intense cleansing is produced due to the nano-technology by removing the dirt from the blocked pores. Hence blood circulation of your skin gets improved. Stylish, sleek design and comfortable, overall operation of the steamer can give you a flawless, healthy skin.

Once you start using the Zenpy nano steamer, you will see a better-textured skin. An added exfoliator kit comes along with the package. Ideal for all types of skin and is certainly user-friendly. A knob system is installed in the steamer to produce excellent steam 4000 times more effective than regular steamers. Results in soft skin texture. That’s why it is one of the best face steamers on the market.

Key Features

  • Nano iconic steam
  • 4000 times stronger and effective
  • Removes blackheads and dirt particles
  • Additional exfoliation kit
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • User-friendly
  • Stylish design   
  • Improves blood circulation


  • An excellent face steamer which works rapidly on your skin resulting in a radiant skin texture
  • Small and elegant design easily can be used for home spa
  • Skin pores get diminished gradually


  • Few customers have faced an issue with tank leakage from the steamer while traveling
  • There were some regulation issues with the power button in some cases.

3 – Panasonic High Spa Quality Nano Iconic Facial Steamer

A comprehensive facial steamer which has been designed. Mainly for individuals who want to experience and enjoy facial care/spa treatment at home easily. A cute small operatable knob in attached, merely pushing it on you can get warm, calming steam vapor relaxing your skin. Moisturizes and nourishes your sensitive skin smoothly by reaching the deep skin cells. Within 5-6 mins, the iconic vapor can penetrate your skin and enlarge the pores for removing dirt and toxins. For deep cleansing, you can use it any time of your day. The stylish design of the best face steamer can enhance the beauty of your make up room and give you a salon experience at home.

Key Features

  • Sauna spa treatment tool
  • A push in button/knob
  • Warm nano iconic steam
  • Removes dirt and toxins
  • Hydrates skin well
  • Sleek design
  • User-Friendly


  • Enjoying facial care at home is so comfortable and relaxing with this steamer
  • Moisturizes deep skin cells brilliantly
  • Removes acne or pimples and other skin spots
  • You can get a supple young skin
  • Affordable product suiting your budget


  • While using a strong chemical smell evolved from the steamer in a few cases. The smell was so strong that the vapor also smelt like that chemical type.
  • There is a disadvantage regarding the durability of the steamer. The plastic knob after usage can break down.

4 – Ec Vision Iconic Warm Moisturizing Steamer

Ec Vision Iconic Warm Moisturizing Steamer is an active steaming process releasing warm moist vapor for your skin betterment. PTC ceramic heating is utilized to heat the steamer and get an adequate amount of warm steam. A unique design which can give you a pleasant spa experience at your own home that only the best face steamers can create. Hydrates your skin cells deeply and helps to cleanse your skin.

This package accompanies a separate blackhead exfoliation kit. Sharp needle type tools in different shapes are included in the bag. With the help of these needles, you can easily extract the acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. of any size from your face.

A large tank approximately 70ml can help water for about 12 minutes duration of work time without any disturbance. The extreme small ions particles deeply clean all the toxins and dirt from your skin, resulting in soft textured skin. UV light-induced to give your skin complete protection from any damage. A high tech ozone function is there for sterilization purpose.  The guided manual is also included in the steamer package.

Key Features

  • Moist warm vapor
  • Skin texture enhancement
  • An additional exfoliator kit
  • UV light
  • Ozone for the sterilization process
  • Removes dirt, acne, blackheads, etc.
  • A user guide included


  • All in one sauna experience at home
  • Excellent skin brightening and cleansing
  • Easy to use and suitable as a gift option to your loved ones


  • Few users have noticed cracking and leakage issue  by using it for sometime
  • Using blackhead tools was difficult for some customers

5 – Conair Facial Steam With Timer

Conair Facial Steam With Timer is an appropriate solution as compared to any regular creams, lotions used for facial cleansing. A huge water tank is present with a funnel-shaped section above. It is better than other steamers as it has a cooling technology-induced. Once the vapor reaches the skin cells, the toxins and dirt get removed easily from the pores. The cooling reaches the cells and calms the skin automatically. As a result, you get young, radiant skin.

Intense hydration with the removal of acne, pimple blackheads, etc. is smoothly done. If you have dry skin, the steamer can also help to improve skin texture by peeling off the dead cells. Any anti-aging symptoms get diminished gradually. The entire sauna set up also contains an auto timer knob setting for customizing the face spa at home. By buying the best face steamer, you don’t have to go to the spa anymore.

Key Features

  • Moisturizes skin
  • Removes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne, pimples can be exfoliated
  • Soft young skin
  • An auto-timer on and off
  • Funnel-shaped design
  • Unlocks the clogged skin pores safely


  • A compact steamer for facial treatment
  • Gentle warmth is produced to prevent your skin from burning
  • The automatic shutting down technique allows you to use it according to your convenience


  • The quality of the steamer is not that great as compared to other steamers

6 – Beauty Nymph Home Facial Sauna Steamer

Beauty Nymph Home Facial Sauna Steamer is a fantastic solution for your skin care routine. An improved PTC ceramic heating is applied to generate distilled water vaporization through the aluminum pot. The substantial negative ions in the vapor blend with your skin ten times more vigorously and effectively than other sauna steamers.  It helps in removing the unnecessary dirt and toxins from your skin. A new advantage of this product is the steam level adjustment setting and automatic shutting down technology. You can use it for 5-8 minutes to get smooth-textured skin. This product is up there with the best face steamers on the market. In case you are suffering from a sinus; the steamer can be very beneficial. If you want a pleasant sauna experience, add few drops of essential drops in it to get a pleasant aroma. An overall complete skin care hydration by opening all the blocked pores is easily possible by using this facial steamer.

Key Features

  • Essential skin care product
  • PTC ceramide heating
  • Aluminum Pot
  • Amazing steaming experience
  • Steam level settings
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Unclogs pore
  • Removes dirt
  • Moisturizes completely


  • While working on the skin texture, the steamer helps to enhance the blood circulation of the skin
  • If you are suffering cold and cough or sinus, it can give you relief
  • When essential oils are added, brilliant aromatherapy at home can be derived
  • Skin elasticity and water-oil balance can be maintained in the skin
  • Convenient to use


  • Generation of steam is less; hence, the whole vaporization process takes a lot of time.

7 – Coconbby 4in 1 Nano Ionic Facial Spa Steamer

No products found.

Many individuals face dry skin, allergic skin, pigmentation issue, and often dermatolysia. Coconbby facial steamer is an advanced solution for treating any skin irritation effectively. Ultra-sonic vaporizer creates warm yet mild steam to penetrate through your skin, keeping you moisturized all day long. The pores are unblocked ten times faster than any typical vaporizer. Therefore, it becomes easy to remove blackheads, acne, etc. from the skin.

An additional five-piece exfoliator tool kit comes accompanied by this package. All the exfoliators are made up of sharp stainless steel. With the help of these pointed needles, any blackheads, whiteheads, etc. can be removed without much pain. The design of this spa steamer is very stylish, and it is incredibly durable. You can keep the glossy steamer any of your preferred corners in the house.

Both warm and chilling steams can be derived from the steamer. The warm water vapor can moisturize your skin effectively by unblocking all the skin pores. Hot mode power can range from 20W–130W. Whereas the cold waves can soothe and calm your skin texture. Smart shutting down technology is incorporated in it for safe use. As a gift, a headband is provided with this pack to enhance your home spa experience — environmental friendly as there is no usage of ABS material and contains no plastic smell.

Key Features

  • Works great on any skin disorder like pigmentation etc
  • Mild steam produced
  • Hydrates skin well
  • Exfoliator kit, and accompanies
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Unique design
  • Heat and cold settings
  • Auto shut off
  • Free of ABS material
  • No plastic smell


  • Safe product for all users without any skin disorder or irritation
  • A beautiful home spa experience can be derived
  • It can be a significant gift item for your family
  • Any skin impurities can be removed
  • You can get a flawless soft skin


  • A few users observed breakage of this product
  • Few customers have opined about a terrible smell while using it.

8 – Okachi Gliya Facial Hot Nano Ionic Steamer (Rose Gold)

Okachi Gliya is a reputed brand for all kind of electrical beauty products. The hot steamer is a unique creation for getting smooth skin instantly. It produces heavy steam within 30 secs of heating. Hot mist vapor can transform the distilled water into full steam containing Funnel-shaped. As compared to other regular steamers, this one works ten times more effective in terms of hydration. The tank has a power button with an indicating light. Once you turn on the button, you can add water and join the power connection.

The steamer is free of chemical and plastic smell. An advanced PTC is utilized for heating and transfer the water to vapor. There is a large water tank (80ml) for restoring clean water to moisture your skin. When you notice there is no water in the tank, the product will shut down automatically without any disturbance. The portable steamer is straightforward to use and can be a brilliant idea for gifting your loved ones. A small mirror is attached on the inner surface of the steamer for your make up routine.

Key Features

  • Rose gold color
  • Improves skin texture
  • Hydrates skin cells completely
  • Strong thick vapor formation
  • Micro ions
  • No plastic or chemical smell
  • Auto shutting down
  • Water tank (80ml)
  • Light indicator
  • Power button


  • Removing the dead skin cells is so easy with the help of this steamer. You can get rid off blackheads, acne, whiteheads, etc.
  • The steamer also enhances the growth of collagen in your skin. Thus, the skin texture improves
  • Active moisturizing agent for your skin care routine
  • Safe to use for all skin types.


  • Quite expensive as compared to other steaming beauty products
  • Few customers have opined that the steamer is not durable for the long run.

9 – Kingdom Home Sauna Facial Steamer 

Kingdom Home Sauna Facial Steamer is an advanced formula for revitalizing your skin. You can get smooth skin sitting at home. Blackheads, whiteheads, and pores can be unclogged safely. The micro vapor can reach your skin cells and deeply cleanse your skin for a long time. If you are suffering from cough and cold or any sinus, you can use the warm mist vapor from the steamer to get some relief. Suitable for all skin types including oily, combination, and sensitive skin.

The automatic shutting down process happens once there are no water particles found in the tank. The steady temperature of the water can remove the dirt and toxins from the skin brilliantly. A UV lamp and a high tech ozone guard is installed to prevent your skin from any injury, and it makes the sterilization effective. The full power of the steamer can be operated within 30 seconds to start the steaming process. A spectacular absorbing capability is also one of the features of this vaporizer. The design is smart and easy to use.

Key Features

  • Advanced steamer
  • Smooth skin can be derived
  • Blackheads, whiteheads, etc. can be removed
  • Pores can be unblocked quickly.
  • An automated shutting down button
  • A large tank included
  • Within 30 secs heating begins
  • Can be used during sinus
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to use


  • Skincare is maintained at a significant level
  • Convenient and user-friendly
  • Excellent quality steamer


  • The burnt smell from the steamer has been experienced
  • Not much durable for a long run

10 – Lonove Sauna Facial Spa Steamer

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Lonove Sauna Facial Spa Steamer is designed as an upgraded version of a facial spa at home. Thick nano steam is generated with the help of the new Atomizing Lamp and formulated sonic atomizer. When the steam comes in contact with water, it becomes ten times more brilliant to protect your skin from any damage. While penetrating through the skin cells, the ionic vapor ensures to remove all the blocking from the skin pores.

Diminishing the acne, blackheads are super comfortable. Healthy nourishment of the skin is easily derived. Within 30 secs, the heating process can start smoothly, producing the detrimental ionic vapor. This steam can be used to melt the blackheads, whiteheads, etc. Apart from solving skin issues, if you have any sinus problem; it can also give you relief.

Manufacturers claim that blood circulation can be improved to ten times faster by using it as compared to other similar products. The multi-functional steamer can give you complete hydrated skin, prevent your skin from anti-aging lines, and intensely cleanse your skin. For the first time when you use the steamer, there is a possible chance of getting a plastic smell. Do not worry; it is normal and will diminish after a few usages.

An added five blackhead remover kit and a hair band are presented as a complimentary with this package. For safe streaming, a huge tank is inserted in the steamer. Once the tank is free of water, it shuts down automatically. The superb styling steamer can be easily an ideal gift option for your friends and family.

Key Features

  • Upgraded steamer
  • Thick micro steam
  • Atomizing Lamp & sonic atomizer induced
  • Works ten times better
  • Deep cleansing skin
  • Within 30 seconds of heating
  • Relieves from sinus
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Multi-functional
  • Stylish design
  • Good as a gift option
  • Additional blackhead remover
  • anti-aging complementary
  • Fights against fine lines and wrinkles
  • No clogging pores
  • In-built water tank
  • Automatic shut down
  • Hydrates skin entirely


  • Cleans the dirt of your skin and results in flawless young skin
  • Large pores can be diminished
  • Excellent skin care product
  • An incredible steamer capacity to generate the right amount of steam without any skin burn
  • Modern design can enhance the beauty of your room and can give you a pleasant spa experience at home
  • Successfully cures cough cold and sinus by producing a soothing effect.


  • Few customers have experienced burnt skin after using this steamer
  • The quality is not up to the mark
  • Few combined skin types have reported that the steam was unsuccessful in breaking/melting the pimples which have no heads.

Several steaming products are available in the market, which can moisturize your skin. Steamers usually are used for enlarging the skin pores and for retaining moisture. While investing in any facial steamers, please ensure to go through all the reviews about the product. Check your skin type and then purchase the best one for yourself.

Best Facial Steamer Buying Guide 

With new advancements, you also have facial steamers which do all the job, and you have to use it right and relax. While home facial steamers are not as equipped as the professional steamers at the spa, you can use them and get spa quality for your facial steam at home. There are innumerable benefits that facial sauna can bring on your skin and with the hustle that we lead our life with, we do need the facial steaming included in our skincare routine.

For deep skin cleansing, there are many moisturizers and creams. Facial steamers are the smartest way to clear all the dirt and toxins hiding in the pores. A good quality facial steamer always unlocks the skin pores and removes the dirt from them. Warm steam enhances proper blood circulation, which results in clear flawless skin.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Facial Steamer

A facial steamer is a tool that is used to provide hot steam to your skin and help deep cleanse the skin and make you feel relaxed. However, choosing the best face steamer can be very confusing as you will find a lot of options for the same. It will help you to know the considerations beforehand so that you can choose the best facial steamer that suits all your requirements. Below are some of the pointers that can help you decide that:


When compared to getting facial steam outside, a facial steamer can surely be a very cheaper option for you. It is a one-time investment with some running costs involved. However, even this investment should be made wisely. You must check all the options and choose the one that is cost friendly and yet fits the requirement well. Don’t choose just based on value; however, don’t let the dealer fool you by charging more.


The steamer is to be used for deep cleaning of your skin and face. You are buying a product for proper, and it will have a direct impact on your skin. Don’t choose a brand you don’t know about or some shady brand. Check the reviews and choose the brand that assures you of quality and effectiveness so that your investment is not wasted.

Frequency Of Use

You need to choose a facial steamer based on how much do you plan to use it. How frequently do you plan to do facial steam and whether the facial steamer will be able to provide for that? The facial steamer you choose should be light one if you need to use the same very frequently so that even sensitive skin can be useful when it is used.

Additional Features

What does your facial steamer additionally provide? With elegant advancements, there is a lot a facial steamer can offer to make the job easy and skin better. Below are few of the features which can prove to be beneficial:


If a facial steamer has multiple angles for nozzles, it can provide flexibility to the steam outlet and prove to be a good buy. You can adjust the nozzles to make the steam extremely comfortable for you.

Oil Compatibility

The water tank is usually used to steam water, but some facial steamers are equipped to allow adding essential oils as well. You can steam your face with these essential oils which can penetrate your skin and work on it from within


Some facial steamers come along with built-in mirrors. You can easily keep a check on your skin while it is getting steamed. It is particularly essential for people with sensitive skin to keep a check.


A facial steamer is a device and an investment for a good time, so always try and purchase the same with warranty. You don’t want to be stuck with a lousy product needing a lot of repairs. If the product is covered in the warrant, you can get it exchanged or repaired under this same warranty. So always choose a product that comes with a warranty when buying the best facial steamer.

Types Of Best Facial Steamer

When considering a facial steamer, you also need to check what kind of facial steamer do you need. Each of the models has specific requirements and uses, and you need to note down on the type of facial steamer which suits you the best. For you to choose the best fit, let us make you aware of the different types of facial steamers:

Personal Steamer

As the name suggested, the personal steamer is for one person’s personal use. You can use this for one person at a time. It is small, lightweight and also pretty portable for use. This will be on the lighter side of the pocket and too very easy to operate. If you are looking for something practical and straightforward, this one should fit the best

Professional Steamer

These are similar in make to personal steamers; however, they are bigger and can be used by multiple people. They come with a bigger water tank and also can be used for an extended period. As these are bigger and have more options, they will come at a higher cost than personal steamers.

Nano-Ionic Face Steamer

A nano-ionic facial steamer is made up of a different technology as compared to the general steamer. It is advanced, and the difference is that it is entirely made of the ceramic heating element. It enables the steamer to heat very quickly and also pull out better steam that penetrates the skin very efficiently and works from within.

Skin Type

You need to consider your skin type before choosing a facial steamer. What suits your skin type and how much steam is right for your skin should be noted down and considered when selecting a facial steamer. You might want to choose a facial steamer that provides flexibility in steam time and also in heat temperatures to suit your skin type.

Water Capacity

There are facial steamers that offer more prominent and more water capacity, and some offer a comparatively smaller one based on the size of the water tank of the facial steamer. This could be a good point for consideration as it lets you decide how much steam you need and whether the facial steamer can provide you with that or not.

Easy To Operate

If you are going to use the facial steamer for your personal use, you need the best facial steamer to operate efficiently. There shouldn’t be too many combinations to its operations, and hence, it should be relatively motivating to use. You will not find time or efforts for a facial steamer that takes a lot of complication to operate.

Auto Shut

This is one of the coolest features a facial steamer can have. It means having an automatic shut button which would turn off the facial steamer once it has been used. You need the button in the case where you have kept the steamer on and missed to shut it. It will help to lock it once the steam is done with and this will be easier for you to use as well.

These are a few of the things that you must consider before you buy the best facial steamer. As a matter of fact, these are the things that will make your steamer the best and so useful for your skin as well. You don’t want to be stuck with spa appointments when you can get spa quality at home.

Benefits Of Using The Best Facial Steamer

We have seen the things you need to consider for a facial steamer, but you also need to understand why do you need a facial steamer at all? How does it help you, and do you need it? Read on, we are listing down all the things your facial steamer can do to your skin, and this can help you decide your need for the best facial steamer:

Easier Than Traditional Steaming

Facial steaming has been recognized as an effective method and activity for skin since long; the ways of steaming earlier were different. People used hot towels or hot water directly to steam their face and to consider those methods; they sound tedious to perform if you compare them to facial steamers which are easy, effective and very simple to use.

Cleans Pores

Pores are the source of the majority of skin problems. If you have large pores, you are prone to a lot of skin issues, and the facial steamer works on the pores. The hot steam goes into the skin and unclogs pores, which further help to reduce the pores from the skin completely. The facial steamer deep cleanses the skin and removes all the dirt and impurities from the skin and pores.

Makes Skin Receptive To Other Products

By steaming the skin, you make it stronger and also a lot more tolerant. If you have sensitive skin, the facial steamer will penetrate the skin and provide it the nourishment with the essential oils. This will further make the skin stronger and tolerant to use other skin products like cosmetics on your skin. If you want to use too much makeup, you can do so without any fear if you have used the best facial steamer.

Enhances Circulation

A lot of people have the problem of skin being too pale or too dull because the blood does not circulate effectively. The facial steaming is your ideal and therapeutic solution. Using the facial steamer correctly enhances the blood circulation in your skin and makes you look lively and vibrant. It also allows the skin to have better blood flow, which improves skin health.

Removes Toxins

Our skin is exposed to a lot of dirt, impurities, and toxins, which cause a lot of skin issues. Getting good facial steam will lead to opening your pores, and the steam will then remove the toxins from your skin. This will help your skin to breathe freely and reduce the chances of a lot of skin issues. Toxins harm the skin in multiple ways, and removing them will help to curb a lot of problems.


Skin care is not just about ensuring that there are no skin issues; it also means pampering the skin. You need to pamper your skin at regular intervals and help it relax. Skin looks good only when it has been relaxed. Relaxation prepares the skin for the various skin products and experiments and harmful external factors which affect it due to pollution and global warming.


Your skin needs hydration. All the dermatologists or doctors can advise you about how vital drinking water is, and we still don’t drink it enough. We are too busy to drink water and don’t realize it until it is too late. Steam is also a perfect way to hydrate the skin as it is genuinely water in a vaporized form. The best facial steamer will hydrate your skin and provide it with essential moisture as well.

Collagen And Elastin

If you have read enough about skincare, you know how vital collagen and elastin are. You need these two components in your skin for the skin to be healthy and stay well. By using a facial steamer, you are creating collagen and elastin in your skin, and it will directly impact on your skin health positively by giving a good skin day daily without much ado.

Cheaper Than Spa

We all love doing facial spa. It makes us feel relaxed, and our skin looks fantastic. Using a home facial steamer is equivalent to a spa as well. You will feel the same relaxation and hydration post this. Use of an exquisite facial steamer like a Nano ionic facial steamer can do the trick of a spa and that too at home. You won’t need to spend massive amounts at a spa each time for good skin and relaxation.

Prevents Acne

Acne is the most common problem that most of the people face and the biggest reason for acne is pores. If you have too many open pores on the skin, it can be the biggest reason for acne. The second reason is excess oil. Using proper steam can help to clean the pores of the excess oil and also unclog the pores, this directly reduces the acne size and also prevents the future acne outbursts naturally.

Removes Blackheads And Whiteheads

Blackheads and whiteheads are a way of pimples and acne as well. These are caused when the pores are clogged with dirt. Clean and fresh skin is less likely to have blackheads. The sure shot way to clean skin is facial steaming. The best facial steamer can also be your best blackhead remover method as it unclogs pores, which are the root cause of blackheads and whiteheads on your skin and in turn remove blackheads.


The facial steamer provides steam to your skin by opening your pores. It also leads to the generation of collagen and elastin and hydrates your skin. When the skin is so well looked after, your skin will not age at a faster pace. The facial steamer is the best anti-aging method to slow down the aging of your skin. You will not get fine lines or wrinkles if you steam regularly and pamper your skin enough by using the best facial steamer.

These are a few of the benefits that can be reaped from the facial steamer and how much benefit it can do to your skin. Even if you do not have skin issues, having occasional steam works wonders for your skin, and it will help the skin to look fresh and better.

Things You Need To Keep Handy When Using The Facial Steamer

If you want to make the experience of facial steaming at home a seamless and relaxing one, then you must follow the things that are needed for the same ready at your beck and call so that you don’t have to get up and juggle between the process. The process is supposed to be relaxing, and you don’t want any hindrances when you relax. So note now the below things that should be ready and handy before you use the best facial steamer:


You need a very soft and clean cloth prepared for use before you start the facial steaming. The towel should be smooth as the skin must not be scrubbed with a harsh towel as it can lead to inflammation. The towel should be clean, or it will defy the entire purpose of facial steaming.

Facial Mask

A good facial mask is also something that you need so that the same can be used after the steaming is done. During the steam, the pores are opened and cleaned, and using a facial mask will lead to excellent penetrating of all the minerals and nutrients from the mask.


If you have sensitive skin, you might want to keep a moisturizer handy. In case, the skin feels that the steam was too hot or has slight inflammation, then using a moisturizer will help to curb that down. Once the steam is done and dried, the moisturizer can also be applied to make the skin hydrated and moisturized.

Toner With A Cotton Ball

As mentioned above, steam opens the pores on the skin and then works to remove the dirt, oil, and impurities from it. The end of this procedure will be effective only when the pores are closed. A toner can help to do that. Toner will close the pores, and hence you must always keep a toner and the cotton ball to apply the same ready and set so that it can be used to post the steam.

 Any Essential Oil If You Need

Many facial steamers are equipped to allow adding essential oils along with the water. You need essential oil on your skins so that they can pass on the nutrients. Keep the essential oils ready and handy so that they can put in before the best facial steamer is used. Oils will mix with water and enter your skin through the steam.

Soft Exfoliating Scrub

Before you start using your facial steamer, you will require to clean your face. The face can be cleaned using a gentle exfoliating scrub which will remove all the dirt and impurities from the upper layer of the skin. Exfoliate your skin well, and the steam will work on it even better.

These are a few of the things that you should keep handy so that you can enjoy the entire process and not miss anything important during the whole process of steaming. It is easy, but it requires attention.

How To Use Facial Steamer At Home?

A lot of people feel that using a facial steamer is a big task and are avoiding it just because they think they can’t get to it. A home facial steamer is easy, handy, and an utterly doable process. You do not need any technical know-how, all you need is time and a little knowledge and you are set. You can be a pro in no time and help your skin get better in no time at all.

Prep Your Face

You cannot start using the facial steamer on your skin straight off, even if you have chosen the best facial steamer. You need to prep your face if you want it actually to work. So clean your face, first with water and then with a mild scrub so that the surface layer of the face is clean. If the face is not fresh, the steam will only work on the other layer and not be able to work inside the skin at all.

Fill The Tank

The second step would be to fill the water tank. Maybe it won’t be a correct terminology for the tank. The container can be filled with water as well as oils depending upon the compatibility, let us take a look at how you can fill the tank and with what.

Water: The ideal level of water must always be checked through with the help of the user manual, there should be clear instructions which need to be followed regarding the level of water that needs to be used so that you avoid overfilling the tank and hampering the quality of your steam

Oils: A lot of facial steamers allow essential oils and aromatic oils to be inserted in the container. You will need to check what needs to be added first, whether oil should be followed by water or the other way around as water is inevitable, only the percentage of water will vary depending upon the oil that you use.

Steam Your Face

Once the steam starts coming out, adjust your face, and start the steaming process. Please ensure that your face is placed at a reasonable distance and is not close to the outlet. Deeply inhale and enjoy the process as the inhalation helps to awaken the pores and the skin alike. Check the steam temp and keep adjusting it so that your skin feels nothing but relaxed. If your skin is not irritated, you can also extend the process and don’t forget to take deep breathes.

Post Steaming

If you want to reap maximum benefits from your steaming session, the best way is to apply a facial mask. As advised, steaming open the pores and cleans them. These pores are open, and if you use the facial mask, you can be assured that the ingredients will go deep and work on the skin. Choose a mask that helps your skin, clay masks work the best, and you can feel the difference in your skin. Clean your face with clean water if you don’t want to apply the mask, and that should be good too.

Toning For Pores

The process of facial steaming using the best facial steamer is for the relaxation of the skin. The steam opens the pores and cleans them. For the effect of staying and the open pores to not get ruined, you will need to close the pores. The pores can be closed using a toner. Tone your pores using a toner with a clean cotton ball. This should relax your pores and close them so that no further dirt enters them.


A facial steamer is a device which is made for peak skin care. Incorporating it in your skin routine will help you to take care of your skin and make it better. The above tips and methods should help you to choose the best facial steamer and use it in the best possible manner. Please ensure that you don’t overdo the usage. Nothing in excess is good, do not use the steamer too often. The best face steamers can be used once a week or once in ten days, and it should still do wonders to your skin.