Top 10 Best Foundation for Combination Skin: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

In case you have combination skin, and you want to have flawless skin, then it is imperative to find out the best foundation for your skin. A good foundation would not only give great coverage, but it would also give you a natural look without affecting your budget. It would also ensure that your skin is hydrated, and sebum is controlled at the oily parts. There are several brands out there to choose from that claim to be the best, the latest one that has been introduced is Fenty Beauty by singer Rihanna. However, one needs to be sure about the best foundations for combination skin that goes well with your skin type.

In this review, we have reviewed several foundation creams. To help you further, we have also included a buying guide along with the ingredients to look for while you are searching for the best foundation cream for combination skin.

Top 10 Best Foundation for Combination Skin of 2021

There are several foundations out there in the market that hydrate the skin and provide a high finish to your skin without giving a cakey look. After consulting several make-up artists and dermatologists, we have shortlisted ten foundations that are best suited for combination skin. The expertise of these experts has been used to arrive at this list. This way you can choose the best combination skin foundation for you.

1 – Even Better Makeup by Clinique

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Clinique Even Better Makeup Broad Spectrum is a foundation with a creamy texture and contains SPF 15. A dermatologist-approved foundation is an excellent option for people with combination skin as it is infused with antioxidants and vitamin C. The liquid foundation provides moderate to full coverage and can efficiently nourish the skin. This formula gives a natural and beautiful complexion to the skin and can combat the early signs of aging.

This oil-free formula is also known to reduce discolorations, dark spots or any uneven skin tone. To suit the needs of different skin tones, this foundation comes in 56 different shades, aiding to even the skin tone.

Key Features

  • Oil-free, liquid foundation
  • Moderate to full coverage
  • Contains skin-loving minerals
  • Reduces age spots
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Easily covers acne scars
  • Affordably priced compared to other combination skin foundations.
  • Blends easily with the skin
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water-resistant


  • It is light on coverage
  • Opaque packaging

2 – Total Control Drop Foundation by NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is a professional formula that comes with a dropper. It helps you in dropping the foundation to your face directly. This liquid foundation has a gradient in its wide shade range as it is available in 30 different shades. This matte-finish formula has a sheer to full coverage, which can be adjusted with the help of the dropper. The NYX foundation aids in color correction and gives a smooth look to your face.

The cruelty-free formula is PETA certified, i.e., they are not tested on animals. This velvety formula is a favored product among professionals and makeup artists.

Key Features

  • Velvety finish
  • Comes with a dropper
  • Cruelty-free formula
  • PETA certified
  • Medium to full coverage foundation


  • Travel-friendly
  • Great for oily areas of the skin
  • Stays for up to 6 hours
  • Available in several shades


  • Less quantity compared to other foundations of the same price range
  • Glass bottle; hence needs to be handled with care

3 – Makeup True Match Super-Blendable Liquid Foundation by L’Oreal Paris

L’oreal Paris True Match Foundation is a super-blendable formula that is enriched with Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5 that keeps the skin healthy. This foundation is super hydrating and gives a natural finish. It is available in a glass bottle and comes with a transparent cover and a silver dispenser. The true-match foundation gives medium coverage, and it is naturally blendable. Available in several different shades, this foundation can be easily used for contouring or to hide any imperfections in the skin. This makes for a great foundation for mature skin.

Key Features

  • Blendable natural finish
  • Oil-free; fragrance-free
  • Lightweight formula
  • Medium coverage
  • Patented color technology


  • Can last for up to 6 hours
  • Even consistency
  • Easy to use a pump compared to other combination skin foundations
  • Good quantity in the package
  • Comes in several shades


  • May not blend quickly
  • Doesn’t contain SPF

4 – Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream by bareMinerals

The Complexion Rescue Gel Cream by bareMinerals is a hydrating foundation that contains marine botanicals and ingredients derived from coconut. It is a great formula that nourishes, replenishes, and conditions the skin and enhances its moisture balance. For protection from the sun, this liquid foundation is infused with SPF 30. It gives a sheer to medium coverage, and it is free from any fillers, parabens, or binders.

The hypoallergenic formula is dermatologist-tested and wouldn’t dry out your skin. It gives a light and cooling sensation to your skin while refreshing it.

Key Features

  • Made from marine botanicals and coconut-derived ingredients
  • Contains minerals and SPF30
  • Hypoallergenic; non-acnegenic
  • sheer-to-medium coverage
  • Free from parabens, fillers or binders


  • Lightweight formula
  • Great for quick makeup coverage
  • Has a great light finish
  • Non-oily and durable product


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin

5 – TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation by Mary Kay

The Mary Kay liquid foundation is a long-lasting and matte-finish formula that stays true even after a couple of hours. This foundation is lightweight and easy to apply. It quickly blends with the skin while hydrating the skin completely. The best part is that it wouldn’t highlight any of your dry patches. The TimeWise foundation is known to provide a great shine and oil control for the whole day. Available in 23 different shades to suit your needs, this foundation is resistant to humidity. It is especially great for people with oily or combination skin.

Key Features

  • All-day shine control
  • Long-lasting matte finish
  • Comes in 23-skin perfecting shades
  • Resistant to humidity


  • Requires minimal retouches
  • Doesn’t clog your pores
  • Easy to remove
  • Doesn’t dry the skin
  • Gives a natural look


  • There can be quality issues in packaging and product delivery

6 – The Healthy Foundation by Physicians Formula

Physicians Formula brings a Healthy Foundation that has light to medium coverage and contains SPF 20. This breathable and long-wearing foundation has a satin finish and can be used alone or along with a blush, concealer, or bronzer. Enriched with Vitamins A, C, and E and hyaluronic acid, this formula can easily improve the condition of the skin and hydrate it. Since the foundation can spread easily and blend naturally with the skin, it can get you through the whole day without requiring any touch-ups.

This liquid foundation is free from any harsh additives or irritants, and hence it is entirely safe to use. The hypoallergenic formula is lightweight and can even your skin tone.

Key Features

  • Contains Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin A, C and E
  • Infused with antioxidants and SPF 20
  • Lightweight and buildable coverage
  • Free from harsh additives or irritants


  • Smooth and satin finish
  • Great natural coverage
  • Easy to apply
  • Value for money


  • It has an unpleasant smell

7 – Hydro Boost Hydrating Foundation Stick by Neutrogena

The Hydro-Boost Foundation Stick by Neutrogena is a hydrating stick that is enriched with hyaluronic acid that refreshes, smoothens, and moisturizes the skin. The non-comedogenic formula is completely oil-free and wouldn’t blog your pores. It provides medium to full coverage and easily blends on the skin, providing it a radiant and quenched look. This dermatologist-tested contour stick is quite easy to use and can spread easily on your face.

Available in several shades to suit your skin tone, this foundation is free from any artificial fragrances or harmful chemicals.

Key Features

  • Can be used as a concealer, contour, and foundation
  • Lightweight and hydrating
  • Oil-free; non-comedogenic
  • Gentle, creamy formula


  • Creates a soft and radiant glow
  • Doesn’t contain any artificial fragrances
  • Lightweight and hydrating formula
  • Easy to apply
  • Convenient and portable design


  • Has a light coverage

8 – ColorStay Longwear Liquid Foundation by Revlon

The Revlon ColorStay Liquid Makeup foundation is a great formula for oily and combination skin types that gives a long-lasting shine control. For mess-free application, this liquid foundation features a pump which also avoids any wastage. The lightweight formula contains SPF 15 for protection from the sun and can provide a buildable, medium to full coverage. This foundation is easy to apply and can be worn for up to 24 hours.

Since this is a combination or oily skin foundation, it controls oil absorption. It is available in 43 different shades that range from light to medium to deep.

Key Features

  • Matte finish
  • Oil-free; lightweight
  • Medium to full coverage
  • Comes in 43 different shades
  • Contains SPF 15 for sun protection


  • Doesn’t dry out the skin
  • Affordably priced
  • Has a great and natural coverage
  • Lasts for the whole day


  • Has a thin consistency

9 – Camera Ready BB Water by Smashbox

The Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water is an oil-free formulation that has a water-like texture. It has a built-in primer water technology for creating the liquid-silk consistency. The liquid foundation features SPF 30 for protection from the sun. This formula can easily glide on the skin and blends quickly. Being lightweight and alcohol-free, this foundation is sure to hydrate your skin while providing maximum protection.

The Camera-Ready formula comes in eight different shades to suit different skin tones and has an in-built primer for combination skin. This demi-matte foundation is known to create a sheer and radiant finish that minimizes any pores, fine lines, and blemishes.

Key Features

  • Built-in primer water technology
  • Contains SPF 30 for sun protection
  • Oil-free formula
  • Comes in 8 different shades


  • Blends easily and quickly
  • Lightweight with good coverage
  • Waterproof formula
  • Hydrates the skin


  • Expensive
  • Glass packaging

10 – Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Matte Foundation by bareMinerals

The Broad Spectrum Matte Foundation by bareMinerals is a loose mineral foundation that gives a shine-free coverage. This lightweight formula is infused with skin-renewing properties. This oil-free foundation can smoothen out your skin and reduce any enlarged pores, giving you a perfect finish. This foundation comes in a powder form, and it is enriched with SPF 15, which protects the skin from harmful UV radiations of the sun.

The Matte foundation can last for up to 8 hours and can control any excess oil that might get collected on the skin. This product is specifically targeted for people that have oily and combination skin, making it look flawless.

Key Features

  • Shine-free coverage
  • Contains skin-renewing properties
  • Silky matte finish
  • Comes in loose powder form


  • Doesn’t clog pores
  • Contains SPF for skin protection
  • Free from chemicals and artificial fragrances
  • Improves the health of the skin


  • Packaging is not travel-friendly

Best Foundations for Combination Skin Buying Guide

For getting a flawless look, it is crucial to have the correct foundation according to your skin. Equally important is to know the type of skin that you have, along with how to maintain and take care of your skin. In this guide, we would be walking you through how to choose the best foundation for combination skin as well as the essential ingredients that should be present in a foundation meant for people with combination skin.

What Makes a Good Foundation for Combination Skin?  

While choosing a foundation for combination skin, you need to find a formula that can work for maximum parts of your skin. You can further add some steps to your daily makeup regime to address any problem areas that might be left.

One can get foundations in different kinds of finishes that can range from radiant to dewy to ultra-mattifying. In case you have dry skin, you should go for a hydrating foundation for dry skin so that you can have some extra glow. To prevent any shininess, you can use a setting powder over your T-zone. In case your skin is more on the oily side, then you can go for a demi-matte finish, and to compensate for such mattifying product, you can use a moisturizer over the dry areas of your skin.

While buying a foundation, one should avoid foundations that have an extreme finish. This is important as a foundation with a dewy and wet finish can make your skin feel greasy, whereas an ultra-matte foundation can give a dull look to the dry parts of the skin. A foundation that is matched to your skin type is sure to provide better results and would last for a long time.

Necessary Ingredients Required in a Foundation for Combination Skin

A combination of the skin can have unique needs. Thus, most of the foundations meant for combo skin have some active ingredients that can fix different skin issues.

Some of the essential ingredients that need to be present to hydrate and nourish the skin are as follows:

Hyaluronic acid

This ingredient is a humectant, which means that it helps in retaining moisture in the skin. While hyaluronic acid is naturally present in the skin, its production can decrease as you age. One can restore its level by using foundations that contain hyaluronic acid so that the elasticity and hydration of the skin are enhanced, and there are no breakouts.

Vitamin B3

Also referred to as niacinamide, Vitamin B3 is known to reduce blotchiness, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. Vitamin B3 can serve as a powerful tool for anti-aging.

Vitamin E

Having anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, Vitamin E can smoothen your skin and hydrate the skin. It can treat roughness in the skin. However, since it is generally found in rich and heavy foundations meant for dry skin, you should select the correct foundation that is light for the oily parts of the skin.


Peptides are chains of amino acids that are naturally found in the body. They help your body in producing more elastin and collagen, improving the texture and tone of the skin. With regular use of foundations that contain peptides, the overall appearance and health of your combination skin would be improved.


Sunscreen is vital to protect the skin from harmful UV radiation of the skin. A foundation that contains SPF ensures that your skin remains protected. Most of the foundations contain SPF 15.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is liquid or powder foundation the best for combination skin?

Although both liquids, as well as powder-based foundations, are built for combination skin type; however according to many dermatologists, powder foundations are considered better for an oily-combination skin type, especially if you are looking for a matte finish.

What is a combination skin type?

A combination skin type is the one in which the skin can be healthy or dry in some areas and oily in the other regions, for example, the T-zone. Such type of skin requires a different kind of care in different areas of the skin. Combination skin can have:
Shiny skin
Larger pores than normal

Should I wear powder over the foundation?

One does not need to powder the face to ensure that the foundation lasts for a long time. One can use a big and fluffy brush along with a loose drugstore setting powder on the areas that tend to get oily and shiny, like the T-zone.

What helps with combination skin?

Combination skin can also benefit from specific lifestyle changes. These are as follows:
Healthy Diet: Combination skin can have a significant challenge that it might be challenging to moisturize it without clogging the pores. Hence, one should include the essential fatty acids in the diet to keep the skin moisturized from the inside.
Exercise: Regular exercising keeps the blood pumping, helping in delivering critical nutrients to the skin.
Avoid pore-clogging products: It is important to choose skin products that are specifically meant for combination skin; otherwise, it might lead to clogging of pores.
Go for fragrance-free products: To avoid dryness and flaking, one should avoid products that have artificial fragrances that can harm the skin.
Protect: The skin needs to be protected from harmful radiations of the sun, hence always use a sunscreen specifically meant for combination skin.


For combination skin, one needs to have a balanced combination skin foundation that can meet up the requirements of different areas of your skin. You should keep away from any heavy formulas so that your skin doesn’t become greasy, and the pores are not clogged. Foundations should have enough coverage, and shouldn’t cause any further skin issues. Keeping all such pointers in mind, this comprehensive review had been designed. We hope that you have been able to find the perfect foundation for your combination skin.