Best Mattresses of Australia

Everyone loves to get a good night’s sleep. If you have not slept nicely, there are chances that you will have a stressful day. Sound, uninterrupted sleep in our busy lives is becoming a rare luxury. Firstly, we don’t get as many hours to sleep as we would like and secondly even that sleep can be uneasy and interrupted if we are not comfortable. The comfort, while you are sleeping, comes from a good mattress. If you don’t have the right mattress, the chances of stressful sleep are high. We are here to help you find the best mattresses in Australia for you.

While there are people who are exclusively invested when buying a mattress, there are also people who sincerely settle for whatever they lay their eyes on first and put no effort in choosing the right mattress. A mattress affects your health in more ways than one, and it should be selected very carefully as it is subjective. Not everyone will be happy with the same type of mattress. There are different specifications, and one must buy a mattress after being completely aware, that is a sure-shot way to get the best mattress Australia.

Please note, we have teamed up with doctors and professors of the Sleep Health Foundation and the Australasian Sleep Association to provide you with medically verified information.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Mattress

As mentioned, buying a mattress is not easy. There are points that you need to consider before you choose a mattress. Buying a mattress is a significant investment, and you need to make that decision wisely. Any hasty or unaware decision is bound to be a bad investment. If you want to choose the best mattress Australia, you need to consider below points before making your decision:


The brand adds value to a product. Your mattress is something you are going to use for a long time and also something that you will use a lot. You need your mattress every day, and all the time on weekends, you spend an almost 1/3rd portion of your day on your mattress. Hence, you must choose a good and reliable brand. Before making the buy, always check on the mattress reviews to see what people have to say about it.


A mattress is a significant investment, and you would have a budget for it. While the value cannot be a sole factor to decide on which mattress to buy, it plays an important role. Mattresses being a long term investment, you will always have a budget. You must list down your requirements from a mattress and then select the one that fulfills most of them under the budget. Don’t compromise on your needs as a bad mattress can mean costlier doctor appointments.


As mentioned, you use your mattress for 30% of your day, and you can’t have something that lacks quality when you spend so much time on it. You need to consider the quality of the mattress before you buy it. When you pay such a high price for something, you must be sure of the quality. Quality assurance will come as a combination of the brand and the reviews. That is why it is important to read all reviews carefully before buying the best mattresses in Australia for you.


The kind of mattress that you need is one of the critical considerations you must have before buying a mattress. There are different types of mattresses, and all have different specialties. There is a diverse mattress type for people who are side-sleepers and a different one for the stomach sleepers. Do you need a soft mattress or a firm one? Take time out and decide on your type of mattress.


There are different sizes of mattresses, and with advancements, there are so many new adjustments coming up. Research and check all your options before you decide the type of mattress that you need. The size of the mattress depends on several factors like, how many people would sleep on it, how much is the space in your room and how are you going to spend your time on it. Consider the answer on all these and then decide the size of your best mattress Australia.

Additional Features

Today, mattresses have a lot of added features like a specific alignment if you need so. There are also extra foam mattresses, and there are mattresses with high firmness levels to match your liking and specification. You just need to be clear about what you need from a mattress, and that should do the trick to find your mattress.

Back Issues

Some people have severe back issues, frequent backaches, and other back problems. The best mattress Australia can help to reduce that problem. You can specify your problem and get a mattress that supports and heals your back. There are mattresses that are comfortable and supportive to your back and will relieve you of your back pains. Some mattresses provide pressure relief and could help to work on the pressure points.


As mentioned multiple times, mattress buying will fall on the heavier side of your pocket, and you need to buy a mattress that comes with a warranty. A mattress is supposed to be suitable for a long time, and if the one you purchased stops giving it’s optimum too soon, you can fall back on the warranty and demand an answer for the same.


There are adjustable mattresses. Say you lie down at night on your mattress, but during the day you use it to sit and work or directly just sit and chill then this mattress is the perfect one for you. It can be adjusted to use in both ways, and it is an ideal way to make a practical purchase for the best mattress Australia

Type Of Best Mattress Australia

We have checked in the above section for the points that should be considered before you buy the beat mattress Australia and one of the points was the type of mattress that you would need. To be able to make that choice, you need to be aware of the various available types of mattresses. Let us discuss some of these types:

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are especially useful for people who side sleepers and need support on their side and hip area. The memory foam makes your sleep comfortable and supports you like the memory foam contours to the entire body, and lets you feel surrounded by the mattress.

Gel Based

Smart gel mattresses are an addition to a memory foam mattress, which is achieved by adding smart gel to the upholstery layer or the support system. The addition of gel helps to dissipate your body heat more efficiently than a foam mattress would. So if you have issues with foam mattress absorbing body heat, try a smart gel mattress.

Pillow Tops

Pillow top mattress is also suitable for side sleepers as it has an additional cushion on the top layer of the mattress and allows your side to sink in the mattress just like foam mattress and also provides your body a natural alignment. You can choose the level of softness that you need based on your requirements.


Innerspring mattress as the name suggests comes with a spring. The spring can be placed depending upon whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper. There are different types of springs such as pocket spring, and you can determine the quality by the number of coils used in the spring.

Water Bed

As the name suggests, a water bed mattress is a type of mattress that is supported by water. The water is its primary support system, and this type is best for the people who sleep on their back. The water can be found at the upholstery level along with fiber or foam. The water can be in free flow chamber or a limited flow chamber depending upon the support you need.

Air Bed

Where in water beds, the support comes from water, in air beds the support comes from the air supplied to it. There can be a different level of air supply in the foam upholstery. You can also adjust the air differently at different sides. This type of bed is perfect for couples who have different firmness needs from the same bed.

Latex Mattress

These are mattresses that use latex foam instead of the memory foam. It can be said that these are made naturally while memory foam is produced synthetically. So, the level of heat absorbed on a latex mattress is less. The level of firmness or softness can also be adjusted for back, side, or tummy as per the preference of the end consumer.

Adjustable Bases

If you have body ache issues, adjustable bases are the best suit for you. These are mattresses with adjustable bases that can be adjusted to get a greater height, higher lower body support, and so on. These can help to heal proper sleep problems due to body aches. You can adjust the mattress to support your body weight in the best way possible.

Benefits Of The Best Mattress Australia

Like we have discussed what you should know to buy the best mattress Australia, you also checked the various types from which you need to choose the best mattress. So now we will look at why do we need the best mattress. How does it help to have the right mattress, and why should we work on getting the best suitable type for us. Below are some of the benefits of the best mattress:

Good Sleep

There are a lot of health and behavioral benefits of good sleep. If you get good sleep, your body functions well and in a healthy manner without any significant problems.

Similarly, when you get good sleep, you also feel fresh, confident, and more focused on your work. A right mattress is directly related to good sleep. You need to choose a suitable mattress so that you can sleep well.

Fewer Body Aches

A lot of people have a sensitive body and body aches with sleeping on the wrong side or simply relaxing on a lousy mattress. If you have recurring body ache issues, you need to choose an adjustable base mattress, and that will reduce the problem of body aches manifold, and you will have peaceful and uninterrupted sleep.

Less Stress

A good night’s sleep means less strain on your body and your brain. It means that you are not stretching your body out of limits and providing it the rest it needs.

No Bed Sores

This is very important. A lot of people have a problem with bedsores because of the mattress that they sleep on. Bedsores can be uncomfortable and painful. You need the right mattress not to face the issue of bedsores.

Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Your bed is a hub of all allergies you face; it could be dust or impurities. A good layer of the mattress which has protective coating will reduce your allergy symptoms and help to curb them down.

Best Australian Mattress Brand

Let us take a look at good Australian brands that sell mattresses to find your best mattress Australia:

Eva Mattress: This brand is known to provide the mattress at the best value, and you will get the worth for your money

Koala Mattress: People have different needs, and this brand caters to them thoughtfully. They offer combination foams, which are made as per your choice.

Ergoflex Mattress: These mattresses are best for the people who sleep on the back as they provide excellent back support

Ecosa Mattress: These mattresses have latex foam, and they are naturally made. They absorb less heat as compared to memory foam mattresses.

Sommto Mattress: The mattresses have an excellent mid and hip support and are a boon to all the side sleepers. It will align your body and support it nicely.

Sleeping Duck Pro: If you are someone that sleeps in any direction and keeps changing stance, then this is for you. They support the freestyle sleepers and make mattresses that suit them the best.


These are some of the sections that should provide you with everything that you need to know to choose your best mattress Australia. Buying a mattress impacts your lifestyle, health, and also your mood, so it is vital that you put in the time and effort to choose the right mattress, which is in line with your requirements. You surely love and value your sleep, so you can research and make a conscious choice.