Top 10 Best Tingle Tanning Lotion: 2021 Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you want to achieve the sun-kissed tanning? If yes, several products are available in the market that will help you to accelerate your tan. One such product is tingle lotions, which you can use it to gain the perfect tanning experience. Best tingle tanning lotion will help you to achieve acceptable tanning that will last for a long time.

Top 10 Best Tingle Tanning Lotion of 2021

We have teamed up with dermatologists and beauty salon owners, and they have provided us with a list of the top 10 best tingle tanning lotion in 2021, each of them has proven to be effective. So let’s see what the qualities each lotion holds are.

1 – Tan Incorporated Sugar Lotion

Tan Incorporated tingle free dark brown sugar tanning lotion will provide incredibly intense tanning. The shade brown sugar will offer the darkest tanning experience. It had a beautiful fragrance and contained a tanning complex along with CoQ10. It will keep your skin nourished, and you will achieve beautiful tanning.

Key Features

  • Dark Brown sugar tanning
  • 400ml lotion
  • Tingle free
  • Advanced 45 Bronzer


  • Effective tanning
  • Does not cause tingles
  • It has fragrance
  • Mild lotion


  • Might cause skin irritation

2 – Supre Sizzling Super Dark Maximizer Tanning Lotion

Supre sizzling tanning lotion is a dark maximizer which has been designed for people who are looking forward to getting dark tanning. With the blend of sophisticated ingredients, it will help to achieve a tightened and toned appearance. If you have a tattoo, then it will also color shield it. The skin stimulator will cause a tingling hot sensation with advanced tanning.

Your skin will appear in dark golden. Skin will become smooth, soft, and the appearance of cellulite will reduce considerably. It has essential minerals, algae, and aloe to retain the tattoo color and vibrancy.

Key Features

  • Advanced tanning formulation
  • Rich golden color tan
  • Reduce cellulite visibility
  • It makes skin soft and smooth.
  • Tattoo color shield
  • Contains minerals, algae, and aloe


  • Skin stimulators for an advanced tanning
  • Protects tattoo
  • Complex ingredients


  • Horrible smell

3 – Ed Hardy Extreme Tanning Lotion With Tingles

Ed Hardy has launched one of the most effective bronzing formulae that will take your tanning to another level. Get ready to experience a sizzling tingle. The formula is excellent for serious tanners. Dark and natural hemp seed oil will help in moisturizing the skin, and the antioxidants from mangosteen will slow down the process of aging.

Your skin will become immediately red and will face tingling sensation after applying the lotion. The damaged and dry skin will get benefits from the moisturizers and Vitamin C present in it.

Key Features

  • Bronzing formula with tingles
  • 10 oz bottle
  • Moisturizing ingredients are present like hemp seed oil, mangosteen, and vitamin C.


  • A right formula of severe tanners
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Bronze tanning


  • It causes allergies.

4 – Devoted Creations Ultra 1st White To Black Darkening Lotion

Devoted Creations ultra-fast skin darkening lotion will help you to achieve three times darker shade. The solution is blended with several accelerators that will target the production of melanin and help you to achieve dark and fast tanning results.

The solution does not contain bronzer and has a beautiful fragrance. It contains cranberry and black tea. The skin hydration level will remain the same, and the tan will stay for a long time.

Key Features

  • It contains cranberry and black tea
  • Rapid tanning
  • Color boosters
  • Heat tinglers
  • Long-lasting tanning
  • Three shades darker
  • Hydrates the skin
  • Bronzer free
  • Beautiful fragrance


  • Makes the skin three times darker
  • Causes heat sensation
  • Maintains the skin hydration level


  • It causes skin redness and itching.

5 – Jwoww Tingling Bronzer Lotion For Tanning

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Jwoww tanning lotion is a natural bronzer with tyrosine melanin, which helps in offering dark color excessive tanning. When you apply the lotion, it will cause a burning sensation, and your skin will turn red with extreme tingling. It is not recommended for children.

The ingredients make this lotion very active, and hence it comes with a yogurt base along with black currant oil with pear for delivering smooth skin. Shea butter and vitamins will keep the skin vibrant and young. It has been designed for people who want to achieve attractive tanning. It won’t hide your scars but will offer excellent tanning.

Key Features

  • Made for adults
  • Tyrosine melanin
  • Natural bronzer
  • Dark color effective tanning
  • Vitamin E and shea butter moisturizes the skin
  • Yogurt base with pear and black currant oil
  • Makes the skin smooth


  • Effective tanning
  • Blend of moisturizing ingredients
  • Tyrosine melanin offers outrageous tanning
  • Vitamin E and shea butter keeps the skin young
  • It causes burning and redness with extreme tingles.


  • Not suitable for children as it causes extreme tingles.

6 – Tanovations Ed Hardy Mega-Hot Tingle Body Tanner

Tanovations Ed Hardy is the best solution for people who want to achieve excessive tanning. The ingredients of this item make it different from the other commercially available tanning lotions. It has made use of high content of DHA, which helps in enhancing the process of tanning.

Cosmetic and natural bronzers are used to offer progressive and immediate dark bronzing tanning. After applying the lotion, you will sense intense tingles, which will stimulate the production of melanin in your body. It will help in achieving a darker and deeper tan.

MelanoBronze and Quad Tyrosine blend helps in stimulating the formation of melanin and accelerates the process of tanning. Your body will experience more firmness, and cellulite will reduce after applying the lotion. It comes with a tattoo protector or color fade restrictions. So even after achieving radiant tanning, your tattoos will still be visible. The lotion has been specifically designed for professionals.

Key Features

  • It contains DHA to enhance tanning.
  • Cosmetic and natural bronzer helps in offering progressive and immediate tanning.
  • MelanoBronze and Quad Tyrosine blend stimulates the production of melanin, which accelerates the process of tanning.
  • Promotes firmness and reduces cellulite appearance.
  • Tattoo protector and prevents color fading.
  • It starts tingling and has been designed for professional tanners.


  • Has higher content of DHA
  • Stimulates the production of melanin, which helps to achieve dark tanning.
  • Colour fade protector
  • Tattoo protector
  • Reduce cellulite appearance
  • Contains melanin accelerating ingredients


  • Not the right product for people who wants to experience intense tingle.

7 – Swedish Beauty Mint Ultra Invigorating Cooling Bronzer Tanning Lotion

Swedish Beauty offers a powerful blend of ingredients, which helps in enhancing the production of melanin. DHA, along with black walnut extracts, helps in providing instant tanning. It has been designed for people who are looking forward to long-lasting tanning. The mint smell is wondrous. The lotion has a thick consistency, which you can easily rub on your skin.

After applying the lotion, your skin feels soft and silky, and it has a cooling bronzer. The best part about the product is it is 95% natural and is free from parabens, which is a bonus for people who were looking for skin-friendly products.

The product is affordable, so without any second thought, you can go for this one. Bio bronze technology is used in this lotion to offer ultra tanning sessions.

Key Features

  • BioBronze technology
  • Melanin enhancer
  • Cooling bronzer
  • Mint fragrance
  • Contains DHA with black walnut extracts
  • Thick consistency lotion
  • One will sense tingles and cooling sensation


  • Effective ingredients
  • Instant tanning
  • Does not contain paraben
  • 95% natural
  • Bio bronze Technology for immediate darkening
  • Mint fragrance with superior cooling experience


  • May not provide desired darkening for many people.

8 – Protan Hot Bronzing Tanning Lotion

ProTan is going to help you in getting a rich tanning experience. It contains an active ingredient that will fasten up the tanning process, and it comes in a bottle of 250 ml. The lotion is light brown and causes tingles when you will apply it.

The solution has a mild smell, and it does not get your skin burn. This new product has been launched in the market and is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a tingling tanning solution.

Key Features

  • 250 ml lotion
  • Double shot dark bronzing lotion
  • Effective ingredients


  • Tingling sensation
  • Great price
  • Light brown lotion with fast tanning
  • Mild smell


  • The body gets extremely hot after applying the solution.

9 – Devoted Creations Trinity Tanning Lotion

Devoted Creations tanning lotion offers ultimate tanning experience with the shade of black bronzing. It has been designed for professional tanners only. Your skin will feel silky and soft because of the powerful blend of silicone along with other ingredients. It has anti-aging properties in it, which will help in tightening the skin, and the results will be extreme.

Matrixyl Synthe 6 offers a potent anti-aging property that reduces the appearance of wrinkles. The multiple accelerators help in achieving dark tanning rapidly. It does cause tingles, but your skin will look fresh. DHA will provide dark tanning within 3 hours of the tanning session.

Key Features

  • DHA helps in getting perfect tanning within 3 hours of a tanning session.
  • Matrixyl Synthe 6 restricts aging
  • Tingles
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • 360ml bottle
  • Extreme tanning
  • Black bronzing
  • Designed for professional tanners


  • Powerful tanning
  • Causes tingles
  • Tightens the skin
  • Citrus fragrance
  • Multiple accelerators
  • Contains silicone blend


  • Excessive burning sensation

10 – Designer Skin Bronzer Bottle

Designer skin bronzer contains a powerful blend of soy, CoQ-10, and white tea extract to create an ultra-extreme formula for tanning. The exhilarating fragrance, along with the bronzer blend, will give you desirable results. It smells like watermelon and kiwi.

Only experienced tanners must opt for this product. One should not use it on their sensitive body parts or face as it will cause extreme tingle. Prepare yourself for burning sensation and intense redness, but the results will be worth it.

Key Features

  • Blend of potent ingredients- CoQ-10, white tea extracts, and soy.
  • Dark Bronzer tanning
  • Designed for extreme tanners
  • Kiwi watermelon fragrance


  • Beautiful fragrance
  • Powerful tanning
  • Effective ingredients


  • Do not use it on the face or sensitive body areas.
  • It causes intense tingles with redness and burning.

Buying Guide On Tingle Tanning Lotion

Tingling tanning lotion contains benzyl nicotinate, which helps in increasing the oxygenation and micro-circulation of the skin. So it will allow rich oxygen blood to circulate towards the upper layer of the skin and stimulate melanin production. They also have methyl nicotinate in the ingredients.

In this way, it will produce a tan. So one can say that it has a very natural approach when it comes to tanning. Before using any product like spray tan at home, let’s know the ins and out of the product and what are the best lotions available in the market.

How Does Tingle Tanning Lotion Work?

After applying the tanning lotion, you will feel a tingling sensation. Tingling tanning lotions are quite intense in comparison to other tanning products. The lotion will bring the blood near to your skin surface and will influence the oxygen. It will then affect the melanin production of your skin. Depending on the amount of melanin that is getting affected, the skin tanning will vary.

Relax in the tanning bed after applying the lotion and expose yourself to the UV rays to get the perfect tan. Your skin will become red for at least an hour, and it will be similar to that of a sunburn. The redness will get reduced after a few hours. Tingle tanning lotions have been designed for people who want to have a dark tan, and they are unable to achieve it by using natural methods. Read the instructions carefully before applying the tingling tanning lotion.

Benefits Of Buying Tingle Tanning Lotion

Tingling tanning lotions have been designed to amplify the process of tanning. If you feel that the tanning process is slow, then you can go with these lotions. It has a very natural approach when it comes to creating a tan. By increasing the production of melanin, you will be able to achieve a natural tan.

Another benefit that you will get with tanning lotions is they are moisturizing in nature. Most of the tanning lotions will have Vitamin E, shea butter, and other moisturizing agents who will help your skin to retain the moisture and fight the aging process.

After applying the lotion, your skin will feel supple and soft, and hence the tan will remain for a long time. Most of them also come with a tattoo protecting feature.

The final benefit that you will get is it is very relaxing. Make sure you are not mixing it with any of your regular lotions. According to the words of experienced tanners, one can say that tingle lotions offer a spa-like experience.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Tingle Tanning Lotion

One must not ignore the contributing factors while purchasing a tingle tanning lotion. The factors that determine the effectiveness are mentioned below:

Tingle power

Tingling lotion comes with various tingling sensations. While some create small tingles, and others might create a powerful effect. Most of the tingle lotions will offer you extreme tingle, and the majority of customers look for this specific tingle. If you are just a beginner who is trying out the tanning process, then go for small effects.

Maximiser or accelerator

Tanning lotion will have a maximizer or accelerator in it. Any of the two will help in increasing the tanning process. If you are a beginner, then go for a tanning lotion that has accelerators. People who want to get deep tan should go with maximizer. While using a maximizer, make sure you have the base tan.


Tingle lotions also have bronzing agents that help in giving fake tan that will look realistic.

Caffeine and anti-aging

Most of the tingle lotion comes with anti-aging properties. Caffeine or any other ingredient is added for eliminating or minimizing the process of aging that one faces after tanning. Anti-aging lotions are blended with a lot of minerals and vitamins along with caffeine, which reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and puffiness.

Tattoo protection

While going through the tanning session, the UV Ray exposure will fade the tattoos and makes it less vibrant. If you don’t want that, then go for a tingle lotion that has a tattoo protecting feature.

Facts About Tingle Tanning Lotion

  • Tingle tanning lotions are not designed for everyone. Before you apply it to make sure you are doing a patch test to see if it is showing any side effects. For people with lower pain tolerance level or sensitive skin should prevent the use of lotion.
  • Do not apply the tingle lotions on the sensitive area of your body like genital areas, nipples, or eyes. In most of the tanning lotion, you will find that it is restricted from applying on the face.
  • Most of the tingle lotions have been designed to provide indoor tanning lotion. One can also go for outdoor tanning lotion, but it comes with high chances of chemical burns. Always use a tanning lotion along with tanning booths or tanning beds.
  • One must not solely depend on the tanning lotion for moisturizing. If you are using the tanning lotion for a long time, then always use additional moisturizing cream. It will help the skin to retain the moisture and prevent the skin from drying out.
  • After applying the tingle lotion, expect your skin to become red. It is entirely reasonable, and it is not any side effect or allergic reaction. The level of tingle will be stated in the instruction of the lotion. The redness will last for several minutes to a few hours. If the redness remains for more than 4 hours then you will have to consult a dermatologist.
  • Do not take a hot bath after applying the lotion. Tanning lotion will already increase the temperature of your body, and you don’t want to amplify it with a steaming shower. You can use lukewarm water or adjust the water according to your comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Does tingle tanning lotion make you tan faster?

Yes, tingle tanning lotions will make your tanning process quick in comparison to natural tanning. It will cause an intense sensation and amplify the process of melanin formation, which will speed up the tanning process.
When you are lying on the tanning bed, the tanning lotion will boost UV ray’s effects and help you to become dark. After tanning, the skin will remain red for at least an hour.

How long after using tingle lotion, can I take a shower?

One should avoid showering until the effects of tingle remain. If the tingle lotion contains a bronzer, then you need to wait 4 to 6 hours to help the tan to develop on the skin before your bath fully. Most of the lotions will perform UV tanning, and it is not an artificial process so that it will trigger melanin production.
So it is naturally going to make you dark. Sometimes to avoid overheating or sunburn and make the UV tanning process fruitful, people should take a shower after a few hours.

Are tingle tan lotions harmful to you?

No tingle tanning lotion is not bad for anyone. If your skin is sensitive or you don’t have a base tan, then you should avoid using lotions that have tingle ingredients. When a lotion contains tingle ingredients, then it will increase the flow of blood and result in skin redness.
People with sensitive skin or low pain tolerance should avoid tingling lotions. It makes the process of tanning very painful if you are not experienced. If you are a professional tanner, then you should go for the tingle lotions.

Can you put tingle tanning lotion on your face?

One should not put tingle lotions on their face. Tingle lotions will stimulate the production of melanin in your body, but the facial skin has a lot of tiny capillaries, and the skin is finely textured. When the lotion stimulates the flow of blood, the vessels will rapidly expand, which can leave a permanent red mark on the face. 
Most of the lotions will come with the disclaimer of not to put it on the face. If the lotion is suitable for the face’s skin, then use a small portion of it.

What exactly do these lotions do?

Tingle tanning lotion generally boosts the natural consequence of UV rays on your skin. The skin melanin is affected by the oxygen provided by the blood on your skin surface with the help of this lotion.


Irrespective of whether you want the tanning to last for a few years or few weeks, it is imperative to pick the tingle tanning lotion accordingly. The right product will help you to achieve desirable results. It is always recommended to go for products that are skin-friendly and will not cause any side effects.

Tingle tanning lotion, when applied, will make your skin look several shades darker. Tingle lotions are not designed for everyone, so look into the products carefully.