Top 4 Best Blue Light Therapy at Home for Acne: 2021 Reviews & Guide

Do you suffer from acne but do not like using chemical based acne solutions? You are probably eager to find a natural acne solution that works to use at home. A Hand Held Acne Blue Light Therapy Device may be the answer to your search. Blue Light has been used in dermatology clinics for many years but the professional devices are expensive and not suited for home-based use. The only way to get blue light treatment used to be at a dermatology clinic and it was costly. Recent advances in LED technology have now changed that and made affordable handheld units and bulbs to fit your own lamps available for home use.

Acne Blue Light Therapy is one of the latest trends in the medical field when it comes to the treatment of acne. There have been several major studies and research projects to study the acne blue light therapy and nearly all of them have reached the conclusion that this new form of treatment is quite effective. These findings are naturally good news for many acne patients for whom conventional therapies and treatments have not really been beneficial.

Blue light therapy for acne is a new and proven to work acne treatment. Skin care solutions exist in many various forms, and acne is one condition that sometimes requires special attention. Not only it involves physical, visible issues, but it’s also often accompanied with psychological troubles as many teens or adults, as acne sufferers are very sensitive to what others could say or think about their skin.

Acne is caused by a bacterial infection which attacks the skin. The basic principle of the acne blue light therapy is simply to kill the bacteria causing the acne. Laboratory tests have discovered that the blue light goes straight to the root of what is triggering acne formation: Propionibacterium acne aka “P.acne.”

P. Acne is the classification of the bacteria that are responsible for causing acne. These bacteria produce molecules known as porphyrins. Porphyrins are easily destroyed when they are exposed to the blue wavelength in the light. Upon their destruction, they emit free radicals and it is these free radicals that kill the bacteria that created the porphyrins, to begin with. Once the bacteria are dead, the infection is cured.

There are some very obvious advantages with the acne blue light therapy since the process is completely natural and non-invasive. The acne blue light therapy does not involve the use of any drugs so there is no danger of any undesirable side effects. Doctors claim that acne blue light therapy is totally safe for all ages and can be used daily.

Blue light therapy is a form of photo rejuvenation, which uses LEDs to be effective. LED light therapy was a technology developed and researched by NASA, who tried to measure effects on plants, and later saw similar results on humans: it can regenerate cells. In this case, skin cells, though this is a red light that was used first, for anti-aging purposes.

How does Blue Light Therapy Work?

It has been known for many years that sunlight can have a beneficial effect on acne but unfortunately, long-term exposure damages the skin. Research into ultraviolet light has found that some of the visible violet light present in sunlight (in the range 405-420 nm that does not have the potentially damaging UV) targets to kill Propionibacterium acnes or the bacteria associated with acne. Blue light acne treatment therapy exposes the skin to a low level or low-intensity source of blue light which destroys Propionibacterium acne, Propionibacterium acne is the bacterium that causes acne and tends to multiply rapidly. This procedure is painless and can take several treatments to be effective because the bacterium does multiply so rapidly. We are here to help you to get the best blue light therapy at home experience.

The affected area of the skin is exposed to the high intensity blue colored light of a wavelength range of 405-420 nm in order to do this and is sometimes done after the application of a photosensitizing agent.

The patient is exposed to a blue light lamp for 15 to 20 minutes, usually bi-weekly for a period of four to six weeks. Often, after blue light treatment, red light is also applied as it is seen to activate ATP in skin cells and improve treatment response. The blue light acne treatment light also does not cause tanning or skin burn.

Studies have also found that using blue light therapy for 3 consecutive days has been shown to reduce bacteria in the pores by up to 99.9% with up to 80% of patients showing an overall improvement over 3 months, although 10% of patients did not find any improvement at all.

Blue light and diode laser therapy, reach deep into the skin without damaging the surface of the skin. They are believed to damage the sebaceous glands causing them to reduce the amount of sebum they produce thus, reducing the chances of clogging pores which in turn reduces acne.

One benefit to the use of acne blue light therapy is that the treatments do not scar the skin and tend to improve skin texture lessening the appearance of existing scars. Some possible side effects would include, temporary dryness and redness in the area of treatment. Other than side effects, the cost can get expensive if a lot of treatments are required.

If you are suffering from acne then you may know that there are various causes (hormones, genetics, diet, etc.) but it always forms because of a blockage in follicles, skin organs that produce hairs. The sebaceous glands are attached to these follicles and produce sebum. Excess of sebum will allow the Propionibacterium acne bacteria to propagate and form papules, nodules and other inflammatory lesions.

When using blue light therapy on a daily basis, it will eliminate the bacteria and decrease the amount of inflammation, allowing you to see your skin get purer and look much vibrant. It’s been demonstrated that the acne bacteria suck the light from blue LEDs, which will activate a group of an organic compound to release oxygen, killing the bacteria.

Indeed, red light is proven to renew skin cells and thus it can reduce scars and redness caused by the inflammation. As mentioned earlier, red light can also be used to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, but it’s also used for pain relief. To get the best results, it is highly recommended that you combine blue light for acne with red light therapy. This way you get the best acne light therapy expernience.

Where Can You Get Blue Light Therapy?

Well, of course, you can consult a dermatologist or get your treatment to a spa, and it would cost you a few hundred dollars. However, the technology has been greatly improved these last years. You can now own a home blue light for acne device and get your treatment from the comfort of your own home. Sure the devices cost something from $100 to $300 but you don’t need any more creams or lotions. Blue light therapy is completely natural, painless and safe, the beauty of it is that it stimulates your body natural repair process and doesn’t require surgical instruments. Now being widely advertised throughout the world, this is probably the best-known alternative therapy for an acne treatment today. Here are our top picks for the best acne clearing Blue-Light Devices:

1. Project E Beauty Light Photon LED Therapy Bacteria Killing Improve Sensitive Skin Rechargeable Beauty Device

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This awesome acne light therapy device kills bacteria right off your skin. It converts LED-lights as natural waves to your skin which make your skin react to beautify.

2. Revive Light Therapy Clinical – Acne Treatment

This awesome blue light therapy device does an awesome job helping you fight acne. Results are visible within minutes and it’s safe to use for all skin types. This blue light acne treatment machine is a great acne treatment.

3. Lightstim for Acne

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Lightstim claims they have created a solution which was based on research by NASA who wanted to heal wounds and skin in space. This top light-therapy brand is creating high-quality skin therapy devices which you can use at home. This way you get the best blue light therapy at home experience.

4. Silk’s Blue Anti Acne Device

The Silk’s Blue is compact but the blue light-emitting surface is a decent size for the price, so you can treat targeted areas in four minutes or larger patches in 10 minutes.

The effectiveness of Blue Light Therapy For Acne Reduction

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) classifies laser and light therapies as procedure-oriented treatment and considers it as a legal and safe procedure which is effective in treating acne. FDA approved narrow-band, high-intensity blue-light therapy for this purpose.

The effectiveness of a particular treatment may vary with person to person, and the intensity of the problem may require a custom schedule for the blue light treatment, with or without the use of photosensitizes, with varying intensities of the light and a period of treatment that may vary from one to six weeks. However, the effectiveness has been proven through testing and many people now employ the treatment, with dermatologists all over the world conducting regular treatment sessions with blue light lamps. On average, the light treatment produces 75%-80% results over the course of a three month period. In another test, the treatment caused the eradication of all bacteria in the pores of the skin where the rays of light were applied. Particularly, the treatment when conducted using high intensity, narrow band 405-420 nm light has proven to be a much faster and more efficient and even affordable to a great extent as blue light boxes can be used at home over the course of a long-term if required without adding to medical bills.

There are no noticeable side effects in most cases and where present, these are generally minor reactions. These may include temporary changes in the pigmentation (color) of the skin with some swelling and dryness in the treated area possible as well.

Acne problems plague countless people all over the world. Age, gender and social status are no barriers to a problem that causes concern and heartache for so many people. More recent developments in procedural cures have seen an upsurge in the popularity of alternative methods in treatment. One such alternative which is highly effective and workable is blue light therapy.

In this therapy, also known as blue photodynamic therapy, affected areas of the face are exposed to blue light from a special source (a lamp with the appropriate filament/filter), without the use of creams, drugs or any additional procedures. Since ancient times, the sun has been a cure for acne problems, and now scientists have identified the part of the visible spectrum called blue light to the major factor in this.

Final Thoughts

Acne blue light therapy is just one of the many technologies developed in recent years to treat the widespread problem of acne – a light at the end of a skin problem tunnel, so to speak. It’s something to consider by people on a quest for clear, pimple-free skin. All in all many of the new treatments available have made great strides in treating acne as well as preventing it. A great tip from dermatologists is using a good salicylic acid face wash which can help you get a cleaner skin. When you combine new acne light therapies like a blue light with topical treatments you can control and get rid of your acne much more quickly than in previous years.